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Hello my dear Steemians,


Today I wanted to invite you to this challenge by Shine with Steem a Community:


Overcoming fear


Throughout the years we have different kind of fears because we are growing and learning everyday of course our development depends on people around us and overcoming our fears means that we could grow into strong personalities or that we are weak and not able to live in any community.


What is your biggest fear in life?


My biggest fear is loss. I have experienced that many years ago, losing the close relatives or parent makes us feel so helpless. The whole world immediately becomes irrelevant. There is a weird feeling of unfair situation when we think how the world can exist and live if the important person in my life was not there anymore.

Usually such loss makes people empty emotionally and we do not know what else can we do and why we should continue this life?

That is why it is important to have some people who will give you support. I was lucky and had such people but I do not want to imagine how it is if someone is alone and there is nobody to be there for them.


Do you have any phobia?


Luckily I do not have phobia or at least till now I was not aware about any serious one.Often I come across "needle phobia" by many of our patients and to tell the truth initially I was not sure if it is a real phobia that people get stressed and anxious about taking bloods or cannulating or just do not like that. But it seems to be a real problem, that often interferes a lot when we have to do our job, the people themselves understand that it is needed to be done but can not help with that.


How do you motivate yourself to overcome fear?


Time to time I come across a small situation that give me fright, the best help in my situations is now my hubby, I he is very calm and always has some very good idea what to do. He is very practical person and also with cool mind, I am more emotional and make decisions immediately.

There is also my mother who is a place for me to refer for support, she knows me very well and she can comfort me when I need and advise anything that she could.

Since I was a child and later in teenager years, I always came to her and even though she was not able to solve it immediately often while thinking over night she was the one who had a good solution by the morning hours.

In my opinion, your fmaily is the best friends, because they always open and fair and they will tell you if something is really worth to do or not. Only fmaily will be direct and even if they hurt you with their opinion they know that this is for the best result and also we know that and we appreciate this attitude.

Therefore, my advise, please be close with your fmaily and relatives, there is nothing and nobody better than themselves who could support you in a hard time and help you to overcome fears.


I would like to invite @davidad, @oscurocactus, @malikusman1 for this challenge


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You are right Ma, the loss of a loved one can really leave one feeling hopeless. I have not lost anyone yet but I can imagine the feeling if I were to lose someone really close to me. I pray no one gets to experience such a sad event.

The fear of losing one's special people is really great and the ones one especially goes to or knows and who play a very important role in one's life if one is thinking that if a person is What will happen if he leaves us? It's really scary. . In this you have the main role of husband and mother. It seems that he loves you so much and you love him so much

There's always some reason to fear for everybody. Thank God you have a supportive family to help you out in any situation. Wish you a fearless and secured life ma'am.

I really think we shared similar thing in common. My mom was come in support for me then and she really helped me out growing up to overcome some fears I have concerning something's


Yes, if we have someone we can trust, we have nothing to be afraid of. My husband and two sons are constantly at my side during difficult times. Therefore, I can handle any circumstance, like you.

A very interesting post to read, losing someone close to you is very, very scary, losing our parents makes this world have no meaning anymore

Fear is actually something that we can not escape. We will continually face it and face it but we continually need to always brace ourselves that no matter what we will always overcome fear

Por mucho tiempo las agujas fueron un gran temor que enfrentar, incluso hoy hago todo un ritual para que no me afecten, pero puedo decir que es un miedo superado, aunque de vez en cuando pueda salir casi desmayado de un examen de sangre.

Contar con alguien como apoyo es muy importante, los miedos se hacen menos estando solos. Feliz semana y mucho exito en tu entrada.

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