I survive out of pure anxiety

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Anxiety was a big part of my life. Unfortunately, as a child, I always felt anxious when I had to go out to people. I have no idea why I had that. It's the same at school. It's just that from a young age I felt anxious when I was with other people. In my subconscious, I always felt a lack of confidence. After a while, I realized that not all people can be counted on and I learned a little about this world. Now that I'm an adult, sometimes I still feel this anxiety among people, but I control it more. I can tell who's okay and who's not. I also think a lot of anxiety when I meet new people because many times I have been disappointed in people and I never know what to expect from a given person. It makes it a little hard for me to form new relationships, but I'm more careful about the person, so it's a treat.


To cope with this feeling, I have to change my attitude. It is always best to think positively, but when it does not bring any result, then breathing helps me a lot. A few deep breaths and I am instantly calmer. Sometimes when I feel it too much, I have to isolate myself from people and sit alone. I have no idea why I have it. Maybe it's because people have hurt me before.


To avoid anxiety I recommend to develop day by day. It is worth strengthening your self-confidence and thinking positively. Meditation also helps with this. We just need to figure out where this anxiety is coming from and try to control it. It is not easy but everything is to be done. Over time it will only get better and better. Good luck to anyone who has a bigger problem like me.

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Estimado amigo. Gracias por la invitación. En ocasiones sueño ser muy ansioso y reconozco que es algo que afecta totalmente los nervios de las personas así que es bueno que hayas conseguido controlar eso. Te deseo éxitos y bendiciones

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Hola compañero, creo que todos en alguna oportunidad hemos tenido ataques de pánico y de ansiedad. Comparto tu sentimiento porque también me cuesta acercarme a las personas y siempre he sido muy introvertida. Te deseo mucho éxito y que puedas superar todos tus miedos. Saludos

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To avoid anxiety I recommend to develop day by day.

I think this is a great recommendation. Many times we don't live in the present time but in the future, imaginating (for no reason) things that don't necesarilly are going to happen.

I think we all should be careful when we meet people and don't trust too much before we can know them and figure out if they are really worth trust. This means we have to take time. And if we don't feel all right next to some people, we should not stay nearby.

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Saludos amigo.
La mayoría nos sucede lo mismo, cuando estamos jóvenes, pero pienso que son etapas que se van superando.

@emsonic, Woahhh. You nailed it !!

I feel very connected to this problem that is,the uncertainty of what to expect from the orher person . To get easily hurt and feeling of low confidence about ourself in our conscious mind. On reading your blog I was thinking about similarities in my past with the conditions you wrote. To care more for other .

This is a huge problem of attitude. Once you Discover yourself and fulfill your emotional void by yourself, uncertainties will leave your hand. You will see yourself more brave .

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Hola amigo...todos en algún momento de nuestra vida hemos generado ataques de ansiedad, solo debemos tratar de controlarnos aunque no sea tan fácil. Pensar en positivo nos ayuda a calmarnos.

Exitos en el desafío.

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