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Fear them not oh my Beloved_. What can mortal man do to me? These are the words from the holy book. The night is the most fearful part of the day which everyone prays it becomes dawn so they'll see the light. You get threatened by someone to kill your entire family. Fear sets in. You have the thought that if your children study on campus, something bad may happen. Fear sets in. Thieves break into your house. Fear sets in. Knowing that one day you'll die. Fear sometimes sets in.

I bet there's no one on earth that hasn't feared even the least thing like animals. Everyone has his or her own fears. Some have conquered and many are yet to. Yet others feel it can never be conquered. Feeling is different. How?

What is your biggest fear in life?

From the sweat of your face, you'll eat bread until you return to the ground. From our of it you were taken. From dust you are and from dust you'll return. This was the statement of our creator to our first parents as punishment for disobedience. Since then, death and sin passed on to humans and has resulted in the death of billions of humans worldwide.

This 5 letters word is my biggest fear. It's not as if I fear it in general. It's just that I fear dying at a tender age when things aren't met and put in place. Welcoming death when due is what I don't fear. Lately, I've heard and seen the death of many young ones mostly campus students. When I hear such deaths especially when they fall victim to the wrong hands or when their death is as a result of being innocent.


I fear this because lives would be involved. My family members won't react favourable to the situation even when there's hope. It's mandatory that we all would die at one point in time but no one loves a sudden death. This is what many fear that's why they are always seen with security guards to protect them from attacks. Asides death which is the major; I fear

  • failure
  • poverty and
  • ignorance as it's synonymous to death.

picture of me trying to overcome my fears while living for the moment

Represent your greatest fear in a literal or abstract way in an artistic expression or photograph (show step by step)

Representing this, I'll use pictures of the funerals I've attended this year. When you're alive, you have the will and ability to do a lot of them but when you're dead, people live to hear your story. You become a history that won't be heard or remembered by many though there's hope.

Two days ago, I got a news that one of my friends was dead. My bones went numb as I was cold with grief. How? Why? What? These were the questions I asked the person who narrated the story to me. Why Victor, I exclaimed? Victor will enter 6 feets in pains.

picture from my phone

It all starts with being dead and then a poster would be made of which the date of your funeral is fixed. On the D-Day, a hole of 6 feets long would be dug and you'll be contained in a coffin and mourned by your friends, family and well-wishers.


The irony of life can be very painful. Ulcer killed him. He was just 24 when death laid its cold hands on him. His mother is now psychotic because victor was her only son and all her money was to give him the best of life.

Do you have any phobia?

Yes, I have a phobia and that's Mutual Communication with people above my age. I find it difficult to confront an adult and have a meaningful conversation with even when the person in question tries to get me out of my shell. I've lost lot of adults friends because of my phobia and these are the kind of people that troop in to being friends with me everyday. I don't just see myself doing so though I'm still learning how to conquer such fears. This is a phobia that has made me decline;

  • scholarship opportunities
  • tutorship and visits
  • presentations and financial opportunities
How do you motivate yourself to overcome fear?

The hope that I have of the dead being brought back to life is enough motivation for me as a whole. I'll see my dead loved ones being brought back to life gives me an assurance that even if I'm to die now, I'll be opportune to be brought back to life. This is one hope I hold on to that motivates me to face my fears whenever it comes. This hope keeps me ready for my fear. By reflecting on this hope everyday, I get motivated.
picture of me meditating on the hope of resurrection

To those faced with fears of different types especially girls as they are more exposed than we are, learn to face your fears as your opponent would always attack when its sees you're always giving in anytime it strikes. To those who fear death, they'll always be a resurrection only for those who do good.


screenshots from my bible app

I invite @eliany, @blessedbee and @mile16

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Hola amigo, me gusta como empiezas, porque en realidad, todos , en algún momento de nuestras vidas, le tenemos a algo, quizás el miedo prevalezca o no, pero el sentimiento siempre estará!!!

Lamento mucho la partida de ese amigo, una muerte repentina y muy temprana, pero así Dios lo permitió, lastimosamente, nadie puede hacer nada al respecto. Espero que ese miedo no te atormente y puedas vivir una vida tranquila y sobre todo, disfrutarla al máximo.!!!

Que tengas una feliz y bendecida tarde , noche o día jajaja, éxitos en el Challenge!!!!

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Thanks for the consoling words. I really appreciate. Thanks a lot.

 last month 

Saludos amigo!

Da tanto pesar ver personas jovenes morir tan tempranamente. Uno se hace a la idea que las personas ya mueren de viejitas, pero no es así. Yo últimamente he visto personas tan jóvenes fallecer, y muchos de ellos ha sido de infartos o ACV. Por eso debemos tratar de cuidar nuestra salud un poco mas y llevar la vida un poco mas tranquila y relajada. Sin tanto estrés y angustias que no traen nada bueno.

Te deseo éxitos en el reto de esta semana.

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Thanks for the encouragement and advice on my fear. I'll ensure I work towards building my health which is very important. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you @bossj23 for the invite, is true that fear is a terrible thing and we all have fears of one thing or the other, like me I have phobia for water, I have great fears for water, except drinking it, anything other than that I am not interested. I can't swim because I hate water.

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Same here. Water is only good when taken in cup to the mouth. I hate anything water as well that's why I can't travel through it.


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Thanks @sahmie

Your delivery is very good, but there are a few things that I really like, and one of them is that the biggest thing you fear is death. A person should also have this, because if a person has this fear, it will leave his heart, then he will stop doing good deeds in this world and he will not know that the good wealth of a person will be his akhira, which is We believe and if a person stops doing good deeds, then understand that the fear of the blind is coming out of his heart and your point is absolutely correct that we are made of dust and dust is what we will become. You have mentioned such good points, thank you very much

 last month 

You're right in every line. Fear of death has a way of diminishing one's productivity and the likes. Thanks for the comment. Appreciated

Amazing.Hope you get success.
Best Wishes

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