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To be frank, I'm not a type of person that visit places or do adventure a lot but there are some places I've been too that are worth referring. These places tend to be the heart and heritage of the state or country. I would have talked about somewhere prestigious in my country but I haven't visited that place before. So I'm taking pride in what I know and have step foot in. A FEDERAL UNIVERSITY - UNIVERSITY OF UYO, AKWA IBOM STATE

What is that place that you think makes your country unique and why?

I find this federal institution to be one of the major establishment that makes my country unique in terms of states. You can't come to Uyo, Akwa Ibom State without first knowing this institution called University of Uyo - UniUyo. This is actually the university that favours the major and is a university for the people. As an academic institution, this place is classified as a tertiary institution where education is taken to the highest level.

I'll break it down in terms of the facilities that makes this place unique which makes it a unique place in my country as a whole. Starting from;

Museum or artworks designed by people: This tend to be the most common or identifiable Feature of this institute. Every sculpture has meaning relevant to the student needs and also sculpture that intend to teach such as the

woman that stops the killing of twins in NigeriaPXL_20231011_113621022.jpg
Academic stressPXL_20231011_113716493.jpg
Physical fitnessPXL_20230811_153515627.jpg
A pastor declaring the good newsPXL_20230811_153540698.jpg
Ability in disabilityPXL_20231108_103600689.PORTRAIT.jpg
A singerPXL_20231011_113628718.jpg
The early men and their activitiesPXL_20231106_134645480.jpg

These sculptures has been in existence for years although some are newly sculpted. The sculpture tend to be more like a museum atmosphere in the school, making it look beyond academics. Why is it unique? Most museums in my state may not have some of these sculptures but here it is in my institution. The facilities in this place also makes it unique as well.

As a student in this campus, the institution has **three campuses. The permanent site, annex and the town Campus. These campuses are made available to facilitate learning as the growing population of students who get admitted each year is warring. So more facilities, buildings and campuses must be built to accompany all departments and faculties. Permanent site campus seem to be the largest campus amongst all others.

Permanent Site Campus

This campus is the biggest and have standard buildings and facilities compared to other institutions. It looks more like school outside the country. The library, the classroom blocks and even event centers all look exclusive. The central position of the laboratory is also structured in a way that accommodates all students.

Academic libraryThis is the academic library on this campus. I do read my books here and the standard is more like American standard. PXL_20231027_123207390.PORTRAIT.jpg
The NDDC hostel to accommodate both boys and girls. This hostel looks more like a hotel with free WiFi, constant light and AC in all roomsPXL_20231020_114102861.jpg
The laboratory buildingThis is where practicals are carried out of which I do perform some practicals too as shown below. PXL_20231020_114354040.jpg
The faculty of science where all sciences department arePXL_20231030_140530404.PORTRAIT.jpg
Geoscience department where I do attend most of my lecturesPXL_20231102_151513674.PORTRAIT.jpg
Filling stationPXL_20231027_131902701.jpg
Town Campus and Annex

The following are facilities in this campus although I won't really deliberate on it.

Academic library where students go in to read. It's not as standard as the formerPXL_20231108_103851231.PORTRAIT.jpg
CBN hallThis tends to be the longest lecture hall on this campus. PXL_20231011_114538600.jpg
Educational technology facultyThis tends to be one of the biggest faculties on this campusPXL_20231106_141719704.PORTRAIT.jpg
Resource centreThis is more like a library though but more of research is done here and JAMB is mostly written in this cbt center. PXL_20230901_143120395.jpg
The former entrance though locked. This was the main entrance to the school before it was locked during the COVID-19 experiencePXL_20231108_100318033.PORTRAIT.jpg
Reservoirs that are unique

We have some other places that I choose to bring out in terms of uniqueness. The laboratory we use in carrying out practicals is another important facility that makes this institution unique. The facilities are structured and standardized.

The exams halls used

When did you go? Is it free or do you have to pay for an entrance fee?

I go here everyday as I'm a student in this institution. There's no entrance fee to pay as everyone is allowed on campus even non-students. You can enter this campus but the only thing that may differentiate you from others is if you haven't gotten admission on the campus. You won't have access to certain facilities and equipment. So to have access to all these, you must have a pass or identity card to show you're a student.

Would you go again?Who would you take there?

Like I said, I've been going to this place everyday and the only person that can take me down here is myself although there are some facilities I may not know that my friends would want to take me to. Like the crocodile sitout. I never knew there was such a place.

Were there people there? Did you interact with them?

There are always people on campus even at night. My coursemates are always readily available as we attend lectures together, interact and share moments together. We mostly interact about something academical especially when in the laboratory.


So in summary, this place is actually a place of academic growth and development. Education they say, is the key to success. The key is in this place as the case may be either directly or indirectly. I invite @emmyjnr, @blessingogah-1 and @alli001



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I'll take note of this. Thanks for this information

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Well said boss. Education is taken to it's highest level here. Thank God we have such an institution in our dear state, Akwa Ibom State. No matter what we face everyday in school, we will become graduates. Amen. Thanks for the invite.

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Thanks for this comment. I appreciate

Hola amigo bossj23 te saludo desde un país lejano al tuyo.

Wuaooo de verdad que usted nos dio un recorrido por Nigeria mostrándonos todos los lugares que consideras únicos en tu país se ve que los conoces muy bien y has podido visitar algunos de ellos, escuelas universidades, academias, bibliotecas, dígame la facultad de ciencia es impresionante.

Sigue disfrutando de esos bello lugares de tu país y mucho éxito en el reto.

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Patung di tempat itu memberikan makna yang sangat mendalam bagi penikmatnya, itu adalah tempat yang indah

I wouldn't say this is the biggest UNI in Nigeria because I have not been to all but from what I just read and the images, all I can say is FUTO is a great school. The first image of the woman that stops the killing of twins is a reminder that there was a time we had people who were fighting for our course.

The other image like the school stress is an image that brings to our consciousness that school is not for flexing but for work. You are going to be stressing but you can't not give up.

Then the excercise image, is a reminder that we need to keep fit always even as a student. All the image is an encouragement for students, anytime you look at any of these images it reminds you of something.

Success in this contest my boss

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