Better life with steem||Spending my day in food preparations||18/4/2024

Good tidings to all of you!
Today I will share my day which I spend in various food arrangements since today was third day of my cousin wedding however I don't prepare today since I was not in that frame of mind as I was feeling fatigue.


Out of nowhere at evening time surmise showed up to my home and it was fundamentally my auntie which in genuine relationship is sister of my dad and alongside her there were her kids likewise that are my cousins so we had a ton of tattles with one another and after that it was my obligation to plan nourishment for them so I choose to get ready meat pulao ,Raita and shammi kabab for them.


I began cutting cycle and I, first of all, cut three huge size onions since I was making rice so I utilize cutting board and blade for cutting it.


After that it was the point at which I really want one more element for making recipe of hamburger pulao so I take 6 medium size tomato and cut them into long cuts and this is you can find in the image.


After that I began cooking process since I previously bubbled hamburger in pressure cooker so I as of now have been soup with meat accessible so I began cooking onions in oil which is plainly found in the image.


After that it was the point at which I add hamburger alongside its soup and a portion of the fundamental fixings remembering flavors into the pot for which I was cooking.


After that I began bubbling water and afterward when I see that it is bubbling then I add 4 kg rice in pot. Furthermore, let them cook and afterward I handover my recipe to my mom and I began cutting a few different elements for planning raita.


This is above all else I take to middle measured tomato and I cut them in solid shapes.


After that now you can see that these are another of the most fundamental fixing which is cucumber and generally number one of mine in raita which I cut again in block structure.


After that I add smidgen salt, podina powder cucumber shapes and tomato 3D squares into yogurt then I blend it well so raita was ready and afterward I partook in my feasts with family and family members so it was a beautiful third day which I don't anticipate enjoying with such sort of delight.
Have a blessed day
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Thanks you
Best Regards: @amir9988

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