Steem Women Club Contest #29 | Make Your Own Toy for Your Child | Reward 25 Steem | 1-10 October

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Hello beautiful women of Steem Women Club Community;

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Steem Women Club Contest #29 Making toys for children at home

This week we have chosen an easy topic for women. To increase the activity, we chose an application that everyone does at home. Spending quality and good time with our children is very important to all of us. But to make it fun, this time we will make our own toy. How about making a great toy with materials or old toys in your home? Then this contest is for you. Come on then join this contest and win!

Contest Tips ;
•Make toys with materials at home

•Do activities with papers

• Evaluate broken toys.

And any recycling toy you can think of

Competition rules;


• Must exceed 200 words

• Use your own original image

•Follow the Steem women's club social media accounts!

• You must share your post in the SteemWomen Club community

• your post must be your own

• Invite your friends

• Share each post in only one community!

*Copying and pasting is prohibited. plagiarism will not be accepted

• Use tags correctly on social media accounts #steemwomenclub, #homemadetoy # (example #turkey)

• If you don't use the contest tags correctly, we won't be able to see the posts.

• Incorrectly labeled shipments are not accepted.

• Applications that do not show the application stages will not be accepted.

Contest -Event Awards
Award for the 5 most beautiful writers.

1.Winner 5 Steem Reward

2.Winner 5 Steem Reward

3.Winner 5 Steem Reward

4.Winner 5 Steem Reward

5.Winner 5 Steem Reward

Competition date 01-10 October UTC TIME 00:00

Note: 50 steems submitted by Stephankendal will be reused in a sponsorship contest.


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Hello @steemwomensclub. How to be verified here in steemwomen club community? Thank you in advance for your reply.

 last year 

Excelente concurso 😍 espero participar y sorprender a nuestras amigas de la comunidad con un juguete innovador.

#affable #venezuela

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest List

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 01st October 2021 – Win 2650+ STEEM

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 last year 

Excelente concurso,pero una pregunta las que no tenemos hijos podemos participar??

 last year 

Wow! Another interesting contest.

 last year 

Interesante concurso, ya me estaré uniendo. Éxitos y Bendiciones.

What a wonderful contest

 last year 

A volar creatividad

Me gusta mucho la idea
Voy a participar .

 last year (edited)
 last year 

Hola amigas, feliz de poder participar acá les comparto mi entrada al concurso.

 last year 

Me encanta este concurso, intentaré participar ya que se ve bastante interesante 🥰❤

 last year 

Its very interesting contest. And I will definitely participate in this contest. And its very important to spent time with children's. And gave time to them is also important

Este concurso se ve interesante, lo mas importante son los niños y qué mejor manera de hacerlos felices que con un juguete hecho con amor desde nuestras propias manos. Excelente

Me gusta este concurso, excelente iniciativa

Hola amigos de @steemwomenclub aquí le dejo mi entrada al concurso.Mi participación

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