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Hello Beautiful Women;

You know, I made a delegation announcement 3 days ago. In this post I will explain who is delegating and why we should delegate.Although the community is new, we have achieved great success. We did these thanks to you

• I founded this community 3 months ago. As I mentioned in every post, you realize that I am striving for women to win. I do my best to make quality posts, with sincere intent, so that you,
as well as the community, get votes. While talking to you, I am conveying and warning the rules in a sincere language. If you follow the rules and prepare quality posts, of course your chances of getting votes will increase. With #steemexclusive hastag, we make sure that it is exclusive to Steemit

• I am sending 5 quality posts that have not received votes every day to the curators. We try to vote for every quality content in this community. 1k We are about to reach .. We've come to good situations in two months, I want you to see that we are striving for you. I strive not only for the community, but for you to win. This community is for you. 'There is no one who does not know our motto. Our motto in this community is WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER.

Thanks to the community and the curators who supported you. @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @booming Thanks to them, we can give you the opportunity to win. Thanks not only to myself but to all women for their support.


Delegation Rates to Steem Women Club Community

We are currently 515 people in the Community. And 8 people delegated. I am sure we will continue to grow stronger. I changed the titles of delegates. In this way, the curators will consider the posts of those who support the community. We will also show your difference by contributing to the community.

delegeasyon 3 şubat.JPG










I would like to express that I am very happy for the community.Many thanks to the delegates. We will work harder for you and keep preparing quality posts;

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What is Delegation?

It is to help strengthen the community and increase the voting power by transferring some of your SP without completely giving it to someone else. This delegation process will not do you any harm. On the contrary, you contribute to someone else's power with your delegations. You can stop this process at any time.

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Why Should I Steem Power Delegation to the Community?

• By contributing to the Strengthening of the Community, you can earn a fixed income. If the voting power of the community is high, my power to vote for you will increase. I will definitely vote for your posts according to the delegation you have made. That way, you can become an associate member of the community. This community is all women. Now is support time!

• Delegation is an activity both for you and to strengthen the community. You do not have any harm. On the contrary, if the power of the community is high, the voting power it will give you will be high. Remember that you have a chance to cancel. At the same time, your roles will change depending on the delegation you give. You can reach the link for detailed information.

Delegation Time for a Strong Steem Women Club Community | What is Delegation?

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Delegation Time for a Strong Community.png

Delegation Awards;

Delegation Weekly Monthly
50 SP 0,0625 0,25
100 SP 0,125 0,50
250 SP 0,3125 1,25
500 SP 0,625 2,50
1000 SP 1,25 5
2500 SP 3,125 12,50

100 SP 'Member'

250 SP 'Assistant Member'

500 SP 'VIP member'

1000 SP 'Leader'

2500 SP '' Platinum Leader '

• Your title will change according to your delegation. Contribute to the growth of the community.

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When Will Delegation Awards Be Distributed?

• Awards We have stated how much you can earn weekly and monthly. But it will be deposited into your account monthly. Many communities are delegated, but very few communities distribute delegation awards. As the founders who want you to win, we will offer you this opportunity.

• Your monthly payments will be made regularly based on today. Their proportion may increase as the community's delegations become stronger. I can also state that if the votes given to us by the curators increase, the rates will increase. You can win by preparing quality posts, and we can win by delegation and we can give you high votes.

  • If you have any questions, you can contact me on discord.

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SteemWomen's Club Discord :

Twitter Account: Steemwomensclub

Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.

50SP 100SP 250SP 500 Sp1000SP2500SP
 5 months ago 

Wow, together we will keep winning and gaining more weight.

 4 months ago 

Receive a warm greeting. I would like to know a little more about the delegation process, I try to join the discord but he tells me that the link is expired.
What they can inform me will be pending.
Good vibes.

In Unity, there is the Force.

Wow this is good @steemwomensclub. Congratulations to all that received Delegations. Mine is on the way.
@steemwomensclub, you are really doing great in supporting fellow women on steemit. Keep the good work up.
Best regards

 5 months ago 

Saludos club de mujeres steem la verdad que me encanta esta comunidad me anima mucho en realizar mi post.
Ya mi delegación esta en camino por el crecimiento de la comunidad!!

 5 months ago 

Hello lovely ladies i want to delegate 250 sp

 5 months ago 

Saludos amiga. Acabo de realizar mi delegación de SP confirmando mi compromiso y apoyo hacia la comunidad. Feliz día hermosas mujeres 💓

 5 months ago 

Happy to add my two cents for the growth of the community, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.

 5 months ago 

Let's grow together :)

Excelente una manera de insentivar a las mujeres

 4 months ago 

Hello I have delegated very less but I hope to be part of this beautiful community, and soon will delegate more..

I'm in! And I hope I can delegate more eventually

 4 months ago 

Women I already made my delegation to support us!
Happy to contribute!

thank you so much. We will try to support quality posts in the community.

 5 months ago 

I feel honored to be part of this beautiful community and to be able to contribute my grain of sand for its growth, as you say united we are stronger. I know that more delegations will come, as my SP increases I will increase my delegation.

Greetings and much success!!