📣 Steem Women Club Contest - I am #club5050, what are you waiting for to join? [100 STEEM]

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Hello Sister's xD

As you may have already read the news of #club5050 is official and only those users and communities that get involved in this strategy "will receive additional support", although it is not guaranteed, however we should not stay behind, because if participating in the club5050 will increase the chances of receiving support "we must join". For this reason with this contest called "I am #club5050" I want to invite all women in the community and in my country to join this fun and promising strategy for investment and personal growth. I also want to know who are all the steemit women who will be committed to #club5050.

*If you don't understand how it works, have doubts, or don't know how to participate, I invite you to visit the following links, "just click on the green letters" below:

Contest theme

With this contest we want to invite all those who have not yet received the information and show how many Steemit women will be involved in the #club5050. By participating in the contest you will not only be supporting the community, it will also be beneficial for you, as you can get a prize, and/or a selection for booming, or with a lot of luck "get support from the curators through the #club5050 hashtag".

What I want with this is that you also participate in the club5050 and increase the chances of receiving additional support

How to participate?

For this contest we have to prepare a special publication, but very simple and you will only need to do four things.

1. A selfie photo similar to the #logro1 or any other submission, but it must have the following information.


-Name of the community


-I am #club5050

-Include this picture in your main image for the contest publication

2. Write at least 200 words in your post where you will answer some questions as an evaluation test.

  • Do you know how club5050 works? Do you know the standards, rules, and requirements?

  • How many hours a day do you spend on Steemit?

  • What is #steemexclusive content?

  • What is a quality post, and what should it contain?

  • How much Steem Power do you expect to accumulate by the end of November?

  • Do you know how the voting system works? Are you using it correctly?

Explain everything in your own words "short answers".

3. Make power up to start participating in the club. If you are already participating you only have to include your capture and you are ready to go. Remember to fulfill all the requirements to start participating in the club.

4. Include from 4 to 9 images in your publication to give shape to a quality publication.

The contest rules

  • Contest for women
  • Write a text of at least 200 characters on
  • The title of your post should start 📣 Steem Women Club Contest - I am #club5050, what are you waiting for to join? by @author
  • Use the tags in this order #iamclub5050, #club5050 #steemexclusive, #yourcountry, #contest. Remember to do it in this order and that the exclusive tag is within the first "4" always.
  • You must give resteem to this post and publish your participation link in the comments of this publication.
  • You must invite at least 5 womens to participate in the contest.

Prizes: [100 STEEM - 10 c/u]

There will be 100 Steem to choose among ten winners from all the women in the world who participate, there is also the possibility that if you make a quality publication you can be selected to support the booming.


This event will run through the end of the month and give them time to prepare for participation in the #club5050.

Closing date: 23:59 UTC on October 31.


  • Verify that you are complying with the club5050 rules before participating.

  • Join club5050, you have no choice.

  • Try to beautify your publications Codes and formats to beautify our publications

  • Try to comment on active posts in the community every time you post.

You will not be eligible for #club5050 if....

  • You have not made any recent power-ups.
  • You are powering down or have recently stopped powering down.
  • You have purchased votes from any vote-buying or bid-bot service.
  • You are delegating to any 'investing services' or bid-bots.
  • You are not using your Steem Power to vote regularly.

What are you waiting for to participate?

This contest is organized and conducted by :
Country Representative

 2 months ago 

Nice contest. Joining #club5050 is the write thing to do

 2 months ago 

Me agrada ti concurso 👍quiero ver todas esas supe entradas y espero poder hacer la mía.

Me encanta este concurso, está fácil y divertido.. Pronto haré mi entrada. Saludos!

Es un concurso en el cual nos ayudará mucho a crecer. Yo ya comencé apoyar al #club5050
Voy a preparar mi participación en éste concurso. Bendiciones y éxitos.

Espero pronto hacer mi entrada🙋

Wow,its a nice thing , i will participate soon

Muy bueno el concurso creo que me unirte a participar.

Buen concurso y fácil pero no estoy verificada en la comunidad.

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

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 2 months ago 

Excelente....prepararé mi entrada. Saludos

 2 months ago 

This is great sister!

Muy interesante vamos a ver si puedo participar.!🤗👍🏻

Hola, felicitaciones buen concurso, muy informativo...

 2 months ago 

Interesting contest. I will try to participate

 2 months ago 

Very interesting contest. I will make sure to participate

 2 months ago 

This is so amazing
I love the contest
I will make my entry soon

Espero poder ser como la senior Ruthsany y algún día pueda ser más activa aquí, por favor apoye 🤗🤗

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Excelente concurso para impulsar la iniciativa de Steemitblog, te felicito saludos. ✨

 2 months ago 

Very interesting contest. I'll make sure I participate

Excelente concurso para el crecimiento amiga saracampero , espero pronto poder participar , me pondré a leer bien las reglas saludos

Excelente propuesta para que todas nos sumemos al Club5050, espero pronto dejar mi participación Sara!

Saludos y Bendiciones!
#affable #venezuela

 last month 

Saludos amigas, Aqui mi participación en este concurso:


Saludos a todas en especial a @saracampero.

 last month 

This is a beautiful contest, i will drop my entry soon

"Gracias por tu labor como parte del equipo steemit. Esta publicación ha sido recompensada por @wilmer1988 con el apoyo del Proyecto de curación de la comunidad Steem".

Sigue a @steemitblog para obtener las últimas actualizaciones.

El equipo Steemit

 last month 

Hola, acá dejo mi Entrada para el concurso

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