[#CLUB75] Waist Trainers and Belly Fat Loss: Myth VS Fact

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Hello my dear women of @steemwomensclub. I hope we are all doing well. So today, I can't to share a post about the myth and fact of waist trainers in the belly fat loss journey.

Waist Trainers and Belly Fat Loss

As women, we go through so many hormonal changes and othert things that sometimes results in fat around our bellies such as pregnancy etc. And we always strive to look good and feel comfortable in our skin. This drives us to desire bellies without so much fat around.

In trying to recover our confidence and our bellies, we start to do everything possible. From herbal teas, stomach wraps, crunchies, fat crushing smoothies, weights and even wait trainers. We keep hoping one of this will miraculously help is to lose the belly fat we desperately want to get rid of.



Waist trainers are shapeware designed using hard materials and even metal or plastic boning, which when worn around the midsection, gives a slimmer appearance of the tummy. It can worn underneath your clothes.

Myth about waist trainers and belly fat loss

Now, many online self proclaimed fitness gurus have sworn that wearing waist trainers can get rid of belly fat by compressing it. Also, they claim that if you wear the waist trainers for more hours and everyday, you'll have a slimmer belly within a very short period of time.

But this is a myth. If you compress your stomach, upon removing the waist trainer and eating and doing things normally, your stomach goes back to how it was.

Also, compressing your stomach with these hard contraptions can actually damage your internal organs and leave behind lasting damage.

Facts about waist trainers and belly fat loss

Waist trainers actually help with losing fat in the belly area, but not how we think. It is not magic but rather science. The reason why waist trainers were created was so that one can lose belly fat and also train our bellies to attain a particular shape.

It was done because not everyone goes to the gym or does a lot of exercise. So, was it trainers were created such that when worn, the compression given to our bellies by the tightness forces our muscles to contract. In this way, when doing normal household chores like cleaning, cooking etc which requires you to stand, bend, kneel ad other positions, your core muscles are worked harder than usual because of wthe aist trainer giving that compression.

It is similar to how using weights and certain gym instruments forces our cores to work way harder. So you are working your belly by doing daily tasks but feeling the effect of a 15 minutes intense belly workout. This is what accelerated the fat loss with waist trainers.

So you see that the myth where you just put on a wait trainer and sit at home all day doing nothing but eating and chilling is not going to help you lose belly fat magically.

Because waist trainers accelerate belly fat loss by engaging the core in simple activities. It is because of this that waist trainers have even been incorporated into work out abdominal routines. Because if you feel your core working when doing household chores, now imagine doing an actual work out with a waist trainer. You are bound to we results sooner🔥🔥.

Tips when it comes to using waist trainers for belly fat loss

  • Always try to engage in activities that will use your core when wearing the waist trainers, so as to get the maximum effect.
  • Wear a small tank top before wearing your waist trainer so that it doesn't absorb sweat and smell.
  • Buy a waist trainer that is your size not something smaller. You don't want to harm your internal organs after all.
  • Do not put on a waist trainer for long. As soon as you are done with the more engaging activity, take the trainer off and go about your day.
  • Eat healthily. This is obvious because you don't expect to lose belly fat while eating in an unhealthy manner.

In conclusion, wasn't trainers are wonderful contraptions which make losing belly fat much easier when used in the right way.

Thanks for reading.
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Your post is very insightful
I have come across people who wear waist trainers but them sit at home doing nothing. I use to believe that it was the right thing to do. Some of my friends wear it for fashion, in order to compress their tummy for a dress they want to wear.

wasn't trainers are wonderful contraptions which make losing belly fat much easier when used in the right way.

I believe who makes use of waist trainer should read this post.

Well done.

 2 years ago 

And that is not a good practice. They are not benefitting from waist trainers at all.

Thank you for reading. I hope others find it useful as well.

 2 years ago 

What an interesting topic! Thank you so much for sharing this info with us. It was an eye opener. I think so many people see the adverts on tv and just buy!

 2 years ago 

I am glad you found my post useful. Thank you for stopping by.

 2 years ago 

Nice explanation on how to use the waist trainer. It is seen that many people misunderstand the use of waist trainers making the purpose not felt

If you compress your stomach, upon removing the waist trainer and eating and doing things normally, your stomach goes back to how it was.

This is right we need to use it properly so as to enable it work the way it was made.

Thanks for educating us about using waist trainers

 2 years ago 

I am very happy that you found this information to be useful.

Thank you for stopping by.

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 2 years ago 

Thank you.

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