Hurray!!!!, It's Time For Africa:: Special Contest 👉 Review Your Brand Of Soap, Powder, Toothpaste, Detergent And Cream// 25 Steem Prize

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Hello dear African women, it is my delight to announce this special contest meant for you alone. You matter to the steemwomens club community and as such we want to make you special with this simple but unique contest topic.

Every day that passes, we make use of some items and we can't even do without them. This contest is for you all. We want you to review those brand of items that you use daily. Promote them to us, perhaps, you might be helping someone somewhere to make a choice who has been looking for the one to start using.

I will like you all to review this items


You have them at home already and so let us know about them.

Contest Hints

✅ Tell me about each of the items above, the name, company name, company address, the quality.

✅ Why do you choose the brand

✅ The prices of the items before and now both in your local currency and in steem

✅ Are these products readily available in the malls, shops, supermarkets?

✅ If you are given the opportunity, will you change the current brand you are using? Why?

✅ Will you advice other women to use this brands?

✅ How important are these items to a woman

✅ Any other thing you will like us to know about these items?


👉Image must be your own, do not download anyone from any source. Be original as plagiarism is highly prohibited 🚫🚫🚫🚫

👉Post your entry in steemwomen club community, follow @steemwonsclub and @ngoenyi.

👉Upvote, and resteem this post. Drop your entry as a comment under this post.

👉Set at least 10% beneficiary to @steemwomensclub (compulsory). As an extra, you can set 25%to @null and use the hashtag: #burnsteem25 (it is optional)

👉Your entry must be #steemexclusive

👉Write in not less than 300 words.

👉You must be in at least club5050

👉Use the following hashtags: #steemexclusive #lifestyle #contest #steemwomenclub #yourcountry (eg. #nigeria)

Contest ends Sunday, 26/0/2022

Contest Prize 🏆🏆🏆 👉 25 Steem

5 Steems each will be given to 5 winners. So please, write so as to win.

Your entry can stand a chance to be selected for booming support.

The community curators can also upvote your entry. Even the chief curators like @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02 might upvote your entry though not guaranteed.

I wish you success!!!!

Cc: @steemwomensclub
Cc: @svm038

Best regards from me
@ngoenyi, African representative.

Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.

50SP 100SP 250SP 1000SP2500SP


This is my introductorypost here

image source

 2 years ago 

Can we join this sister? We are from philippines

Wow I will participate ☺️

 2 years ago 

That will be great, I am expecting your entry

Yesooo, na we dey here, it's loading, thanks.

 2 years ago 

Alright, I will be waiting

 2 years ago 

Well what a Great contest...

 2 years ago 

Thanks sis

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 2 years ago 

Thanks for the support

I hope to join this contest soon

 2 years ago 

I am waiting

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 2 years ago 

Thanks a lot dear

Thank you for coming up with this beautiful contest ma'am. Can men also participate? @ngoenyi

 2 years ago 

No dear, it's for only women

Thanks for your response ma'am

 2 years ago 

please write a date

 2 years ago 


Thank you for coming up with this beautiful contest ma'am. Can men also participate? @ngoenyi

 2 years ago 

No dear, it's for only African women

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