Chain of Goodness Event: Feeding and Grocery Giving to the Less Fortunate

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According to Cathy Calvin, Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.


Doing charity works and posting updates in our wonderful platform was a quiet hard for me after I gave birth to our baby steemian Evangeline. It wasn't all about joy after giving birth to our first born but mixed experience and emotions. But all in all, it's a great joy for us to have greatest blessing from God.



Praise the Lord, we are now back home from hospital and everyone in the family is doing well.


This week we are able to continue our steemit community pantry, week #2. It was a success in preparing and distributing snacks and food packs to children and a member if every family in our neighborhood.


Our family is always in a great support for the program, as always. @sweetspicy was the one who did the shopping since I am still recovering from giving birth through C-section. We also managed the activity with the help of @lealtafaith and uncle Ruben.

Mama who loves to help us in the activity were not able to because she's the one taking care of Evangeline while me and my husband was outside for the packing and distribution.

The Preparation and Distribution


Packing starts after lunch at around 12:30 pm. We packed rock salt, brown sugar, sardines, misua, odong, milo, and coffee. These are different from the previous food pack contents. Most adults or parents need these during morning to start the day.


Snacks for children and adults. The last time we had the pantry, we were not able to prepare snacks and children were quiet sad. That's why we made sure to prioritize them.


As children's past time, they usually play in the afternoon especially when the weather is good and not flooding in our area. When snacks were ready, I asked @lealtafaith to call them and to make sure they wear a face mask.


They were assisted to fall in line and keep distancing to help them as well to remember the importance of prevention against covid-19.



When they had their food, I checked on them outside since we don't have enough space for them to stay. Some of them were at the bench of the store, some were just standing with their snacks on hand, and some just finished it quickly.


Food Packs Distribution
After the kids, it's adults time! We prepared 24 food packs for 24 families. But we prepared some back up as well in case there will be more families would come. We also asked them to wear face mask and good thing most of them followed.


First, they register their names for counting then they got their food pack and snacks. The joy and excitement in their faces that we are back with our charity program in the neighborhood gives them a little bit of hope that at least there's something that will help them get through the day.

We were able to serve 24 families today and looking forward to serve more next time.



Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for allowing me and my family to continue the charity events in our neighborhood through your support (upvotes, resteeming, suggestions). You made this all possible. May God grant you abundance of health and wealth in life.



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