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RE: Steem woman club engagement contest2:A holiday visit to my home. Ngor okpala Imo state.

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Hi curator,

There are some users who post actively but don't do power-ups frequently. For example, they hold liquid rewards for more than a month and still claim club 75 or club100. Wouldn't this nullify their club status? As clubs are not just for controlling excessive withdrawals, they are also for frequent power-ups. But the users only focus on the former part and ignore the latter.

This is because the official announcement of clubs only stated about the ratio of power-ups and cashouts. This ratio can be very misleading (earning 500 STEEM, powering up just 50 STEEM).

When I check the club status, I pay special attention to the liquid rewards resting in the wallet. They tell a lot about a user's commitment to the clubs.

Would you please throw some light on this matter as this is causing unnecessary debates among users. They want to hear from you.


Yes, people should be powering up regularly as well.

 3 months ago 

Thanks for the input, I will do it as my commitment to power-ups.

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