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Hello everyone!

This is event-horizon back with another contest. I am a South Asian Representative but I want you all to participate. This contest is sponsored by cryptokraze like previous contests organized by me.

Contest Topic

What do you do to Improve Yourself.png

What do you to Improve Yourself as a Women?

You can talk about anything you do in your real life to improve yourself as a person. It can be anything about:

  • Spiritual improvement
  • Physical grooming
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Fitness

It can be another thing apart from those listed above. I don't need definitions or academic knowledge about these things. I want you to write about what you actually do for your well being.

This can be a very interesting topic. It might help other women to improve themselves or you might learn something from another.

So what are you waiting for? Start telling us secrets about your great personality.

Mandatory Rules

There are some rules that you will have to follow to validate your participation.

  • Write at least 300 words.
  • Include 3 or more pictures and it is better if they are captured by you.
  • If there is a need for Internet image, it should be copyright free and properly referenced.
  • Club5050 members will get priority. ( Your last 7 days wallet history must show equal or more power up amount than cash out amount if it is true use the tag club505).
  • Post should be made in the Steem Women's Club community.
  • Use the tags #swc-improveyourself #steemwomensclub #steemexclusive #country
  • Plagiarism is prohibited.
  • Share your post on your social media accounts and use the tags.

Note: Use the tags correctly. I will monitor the posts from tags.


1st Winner - 5 steem
2nd Winner - 5 steem
3rd Winner - 5 steem
4th Winner - 5 steem
5th Winner - 5 steem


Oct 28, 2021 - UTC + 00:00

Kind Regards,


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 2 months ago 

Beautiful contest. I can't wait to participate.

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

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Hola que hermoso concurso a Diario siempre hacemos algo como mujer para mejorar nuestra imagen, para sentirnos bien así que creo que veremos buenas participaciones. Espera la mia!

A great contest, I Will participate dear😍

 2 months ago 

Interesting contest , thank you for this.
Below is my entry link to the contest
What do you do to improve yourself contest entry by @mophebe//10% payout to #steemwomenclub

 2 months ago 

I will share my participation too. It's Good contest to think positive and do good for ourself.

 2 months ago (edited)

Hello @event-horizon,here is my entry to this amazing contest.

It's also shared on my Facebook handle.


 2 months ago (edited)

Nice contest. This will help women identify what is lacking in their self as women.

 2 months ago 

Such an amazing contest 😍 I will definitely share my own experience that will help others ;)

Interesante concurso, me encanta!!..Saludos.

My participation,hello!
"Love my elixir of life"

Wow. This has been a very thoughtful way for me to express myself. kindly find my link for this contest here. Thanks to the organizers.

 2 months ago 

Waoo what a great though behind the contest topic improve your self as a women I will definitely take part in contest thanks @event-horizon organized such a wonderful contest

Hola saludos excelente ya quiero participar

 2 months ago 

Interesting contest.
Hi @event-horiazon,

My participation

Posted my entry three days ago. Here is the Link

Great contest! I will join after a long period of hiatus.

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