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Greetings to our wonderful woman in this great community, I am delighted to participate in this contest, my special thanks goes to @ngoenyi and @svm038 for organizing this contest.
I am glad because I can participate in this one .

Today l want to explain one of the plant that is commonly used by so many people. lt is called bitter leaf plant

My bitter plant

Bitter leaf is one of the plant that is easily found in people's houses because it is edible ,drinkable, topically used and have high nutritional content for consumption.

Different group of people have different local name for it , like in Ibibio we called it Etidot ,ln Hausa it is locally called shawaka onugbo by the igbos and ewuro by the Yorubas.
Bitter leaf plant is a natural gift from our loving creator with high medical properties



Health Benefit of bitter leaf plant.

✓Bitter leaf is enriched With various nutrients such as fiber, protein, potassium, sulphur, sodium, zinc, calcium, copper and lron etc.

✓ Bitter leaf aid up metabolism in order for one to loose weight as a result of the following nutrients, zinc, lron and fiber .

✓ It help the body glucose to be moderate.

✓ Regular intake of bitter leaf help to regulate blood cholesterol levels which is primary risk factor of heart attacks and stroke.

✓ Consumption of bitter leaf on a daily basis can help in reducing high sugar level making it moderate and also repair pancreas.

✓ Do you know that bitter leaf can be use for the treatment of some ailments like feverish condition, joint aches, different levels of intestinal complain, stomach aches as well as parasite induced disease like malaria?

✓ lastly the bitter content in bitter leaf helps in it boosting your immune system which fight against some infection.


How it is use

✓ lt can be use depending on what you want to use it for.

✓If you want to use it for cooking you will cut and Wash it and slise it, add to your soup, such as melon soup and okro soup.

✓ lf you want to make juice, you will cut, wash it clean and pound it , filter it and add water to you desirable quantity and drink. Although it is always bitter but it will stop your stomach aches.


✓ Some people do use it for enema

✓ lt can be applied to any part of the body that is affected by rashes, eczema, ringworm and and other skin disease.

✓Simply cut it, Wash it clean, roll it in your plams and apply it on the affected part of your body for about 3 day.



I want to use bitter leaf and prepare melon soup.

In the picture below, it shows my soup condiments.


✓Frist I steam my soup condiments


during preparation

✓Secondly l add waterleaf, l stir it for 1 minute, l add my grinded melon.

✓ l add bitter leaf as the last thing
and my soup is done.


Please come and join me, the soup is ready.


Am done



From the aforementioned statement, you can see that, it is essential for us to use bitter leaf, because it has a lot of health benefit either by drinking it, cooking it, taking it as enema or taking it topically by applying it on your skin.

I invite @eliany ,@cheerille and gracyakan to participate in this contest.

Thanks for going through my post.

Written by @dequeen

Here is my achivement 1 post




The soup looks so delicious

 last month 

Thanks so much dear

Thanks for sharing this, its safe to say bitterleaf is really beneficial to health.

 last month 

Thanks dear

See food am coming, this is really good dear

 last month 

Please dear , the gate is open.please try and participate

 last month 

Wow delicious soup, please I need to taste this soup it's so yummy, thank you for sharing the recipe with us here

 last month 

Thanks so much for going through my post

This soup is yummy,pls dish some for me

 last month 

I am delighted to see you here, please u can join the contest.

Alright dear,I will try

It really looks yummy and rich. 🤗
I wish you luck in the contest!

 last month 

Thanks so much dear.

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