#CONTEST 4 |Joining in the #club5050 event ! 54.239 Power up || #club5050 by @dequeen

in SteemWomen Club2 months ago


HELLO EVERYONE and hello powerful , beautiful and elegant women in this amazing community, l am doing great and good over here, l hope you too are sounds and good!
I am excited to participate in this contest, joining #club5050, it is something great and worth doing, because, it will help me grow fast in the platform.

Looking at my wallet, I realized that for the pass
7 days l have been able to accumulate about 10.651SBD, but currently, l have 4.145SBD in my wallet because l powered up 80 steem 6days ago.

Here is my screenshot.


I am growing.

Now changing the remaining 4.145 SBD to liquid steem, that gave me 48.235 steem.
I am ready to Power up all, because l know there is a great Benefit when powering up


Steps I took to power up

login to my wallet

click on a drop down arrow, where you see steem, a popup appear

tab power up, as shown below
Follow this step closely you will understand better.


click on power up


lnsert your amount


Insert your active key

Click on sign in



It is done successfully.


Thanks so much @svm038 and @steemwomensclub for organizing this contest, my special thanks goes to SC01 for this wonderful initiative. l love power up skeem because it has a great Benefit to you and other.
I invite @chichieze ,@cheerillie and @eliany to participate in this contest.
Thanks so much for going through my post.


Here is my achivement 1 post


It is always important to do powerup, i'll start doing mine soon.I need to. Thanks for sharing this info.

 2 months ago 

It's very important to power up and I will soon join this #5050club

 2 months ago 

Please do it is important, we what to add value to the ecosystem

Wao this is awesome I will start as soon as possible

I think I should join the moving train. Thanks for this piece @dequeen. You did well.

 2 months ago 

Thanks dear please do

Well done!
Power up is really important and am so going join the moving bus as soon as possible.

 2 months ago 

Please try l will love to see you there.

 2 months ago 

Wow you did really well for joining the club

 2 months ago 

Thanks dear hope to see you there.

Congratulations dear @dequeen, your post has been selected as one of the quality posts for today and you have been given 75% vote from the official account of the steemwomens club community. Keep making quality contents with us here and keep active. We love you so much

 2 months ago 

Thanks so much , l really appreciate



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