Burnsteem25: Celebrating my Hubby's Birthday

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Hello beautiful women, Hopes all is fine!

Birthday's are special occassions which everyone are able to celebrate. For these day, one must be happy because it is his/her special day.

Which for now, we are going to celebrate the birthday of my hubby. And it is just a simple birthday celebration because we had not enough money to spend for his birthday.


All we had wish for his birthday was a healthy body in everyday of his life. Enough strength to carry in everyday doings and of course guidance and protection always by God.

Because my husband is our super hero and he is the superman of our entire life with my children. He is willing to carry everything with no complaining. Every problems that comes to us. He is the ultimate problem solver.


We were so very blessed because he is a responsible and a good father to my children. A good and faithful husband. That's why I told my eldest daughter to prepare him a simple celebration.

So before he arrived home, we prepare a simple surprise for his birthday. All my children were helping each other inorder to make the backdrop for his birthday. All of my children blows a balloon and I prepare the foods.


After an hour, it's time to going home with my husband. My youngest son don't want to release the balloon. I told him If you don't release it, we had no decoration for your father's birthday. He smiles at me and then stay away from the table were we set up the decoration. On his way home I asked my children to sing a song when your father has arrived.


Myself and my children are all ready to surprise my husband. It is a very great day bonding with them while I am still healthy. Letting them feel the happy memories that might experience them. And I will not be very tired of building great memories with them because they are the precious gift that I will always be treasured forever.

And always be a lovable wife and mother.



 2 months ago 

Happy birthday to your husband
Wish all the best for him and family

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 2 months ago 

Thank you sis. Wish you all the best too!

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 2 months ago 

Thank you so much ❤

 2 months ago 

Happy birthday to your husband. I wish you good health for a long time.

 2 months ago 

Hello friend thank you so much for the wishes. God bless.

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