THE WOLFECAST - Episode 01 :: Steemit 4 Sale? :: Steem Elevator Pitch Contest :: Getting Caught Up

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In the first official episode of The Wolfecast, I address the question "Is Steemit for sale?" I also talk about a contest going on this week which seeks to find the perfect Steem Elevator Pitch. I also dive into a couple of developments that occurred during my absence, one of which I'm particularly excited about.

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I upvoted and resteemed this BEFORE I knew you read my post. lol. :)

I just love your voice. Nicely done.

Thank you. I've kinda missed doing it, actually.

Thank you for mentioning the video community. This is really a well spoken and produced podcast! looking forward for more... and joined the podcast community :)

Good to have you back and having a podcasts community is awesome! looking forward to all this.

Cool to hear your voice again. There are exciting things happening with Steem. Communities could be just what it needs. I did a video for the elevator pitch contest.

Is there a way to get this podcast into my usual mobile player? I need more shows for my commute.

Well, it's on Soundcloud, and I know I said this would be a Steemit-exclusive show and that I wasn't going to release it as a genuine podcast to be released on iTunes or whatever.... but okay. LOL
I've submitted it to iTunes, so I hope to have a link for that soon, as well as have it up on Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean, Spreaker, etc. Which one do you like to use?

Stay tuned, I'll make a post. :)

I use Pocket Casts, so I'll see what's possible. Thanks. I need to see if Dsound could be used for podcasts. I've thought of restarting my own podc about music.

Sweet - it's been added.
And I'd totally listen to your podcast.

That's what I call service!


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Wow! If Tron buys Steemit do you think we'll all get a JUICY airdrop of Tron tokens - maybe equal to our Steem + SP holdings? That would be a great gift which I would use to buy a TON more SteemMonsters cards...