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Aside the ongoing diary game, my town in ten pics, bitcoin booming and better life activities on the steemit, we have decided to introduce a new contest series for our community.

The entries made for this series can be set to 50/50 rewards. We are also urging our community members to set @steem-ghana as a 10% beneficiary to all rewards. This will contribute to our funds as a community for us to better organise our future events. Also it would give room for some SBD allocation to our account to prevent any power downs.

This post will guide you on how to go about it.


In our Ghanaian traditional societies, the major form of cultural preservation is by the word of mouth. This comes in various forms such as Ananse stories, legendary stories of the old, myths and taboos, etc. Most of us grew up with these stories as kids and they tend to stay with us for a lifetime.

Here is an opportunity for us to share what we know concerning such stories which have been preserved and passed on from generation to generation. We also hope this will give our steemians something else to write about and raise the number of active posters in our community.


  • No plagiarism.
  • At least 300 words.
  • Post through Steem Ghana Community.
  • No more that one entry per day.
  • Title should take this format : Ghanaian Folktale Series - (Topic) - (Date)
  • Set a 10% beneficiary to steem-ghana.
  • Include these hashtags ( #ghana, #folktales)

We would like to call on the support of the steemit team (@steemcurator01) for this initiative and would like to say thank you for all the love and support you've rendered as well.

Thank you!

by @njaywan
CR, ghana



You have remembered me a bout my childhood experience how i used to sit with my grandmother to listened to Ananse stories. We used to sit under trees and listened to Ananse stories with our grandmother. Thank you for this initiative.

 5 months ago 

Then I am sure you'll treat us with some great stories here brother 😀.

I can't wait to hear all about them 😋.

Uy esta si que es una gran publicación ..

 5 months ago 

This is certainly going to be fun and interesting, i cannot wait to participate, i would be sharing what i learned during the africaniwa program and tell the story of our ancestors. Thanks for this opportunity

 5 months ago 

Great African folktales. Thanks so much @njaywan for this contest worth promoting our African Culture. I would love to share with the community and friends here about my funny folktales.


I will have to try and remember some of the stories we shared as children

 5 months ago 

All the way

I was really excited for this. Now I am still waiting for anyone to post a folk-tale.

I am not from Ghana or I'd write one myself.

@njaywan Sir, Is this contest still on?

My entry for the contest:

Do well to pass by to read my favorite childhood tale.

Growing up as a kid, i have been fortunate enough to have spent good time with both grandma and grandpa , most of the exciting moments has been listening to these Ananse stories, scary sometimes , funny, entertaining always, can't wait to make my entry

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