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Everyone. Here is another interesting topic for all of you. Let's have a look.

Hello Steemit People's!


is a new interface that focuses on pictures, tagging, and words. Social media has and always is, evolving. Our vision is to build an experience that is commensurate with the trends of traditional social media, decentralizing the parts which matter and aligning the platform with the interests of the common user.

We will appeal to everyone, not just crypto people.

Our journey

liketu is a start-up based in London. We are a modest team that has been involved in the crypto space for several years with backgrounds in various sectors. We originally conceptualized a social platform that rewarded users for their contributions and activities but fell short of building it out in full due to a lack of protocol expertise. Ironically, in 2016, Steem and Steemit.com were released and for the most part, succeeded in bringing what we envisioned to reality. Fast forward to today, Steem and Steemit.com (as well as other apps built on Steem) have shown a new paradigm in how user contributions to the network can be rewarded. However, the onboarding process has been a slow trickle. Much less than we expected for a state-of-the-art blockchain perfectly geared for social media interaction and consumption.

We ask the simple question: Why?

Social media has moved beyond the consumption of medium to long-form content. The very idea of the attention economy is central to this reality. It is abundantly clear that as the sheer amount of content, as well as its various forms, have increased, the modern social user is conditioned to absorb content in a very different way than they were even in 2016. It also means that their attention spans for any given piece of content are greatly reduced. We believe that modern social media users demand content that can be consumed in a short timeframe. Lowering the entry barrier to participation and contribution is therefore the challenge that must be undertaken if there is to be a chance of truly attracting “the masses.”


Enhancing the image sharing experience

Pictures and images are powerful content mediums because they can communicate vast amounts of information in a matter of seconds. Did you know that the average attention span for social media content is 8 seconds? liketu expands on visual content consumption by building tools that contextualize the images. The introduction of our descriptive metadata system (tagging), will enhance information transfer without compromising the user experience it creates new avenues of creative potential.

Tagging goes far beyond hashtags with annotations linking to products, people, posts, and more. This will create new options for content creators as they can communicate more information in a lean and digestible format whilst offering their audience actionable items relating to their images. Our metadata tagging system can be utilized with just a few clicks.

like differentiates itself from mainstream social media platforms by enhancing images with descriptive metadata. Therefore, our core features leverage the embedded metadata to bring new and innovative forms of engagement. For example, a mere outfit tagged with the person, product and price can become a powerful marketing tool not only for your brand but also for businesses. It's no longer "just" a picture. like envisions a platform where hashtags like and #food will inherently represent much more when presented on our interface. With a free market of value-driven content, like is giving a platform for anyone to share anything in a format that has seen wide success on traditional social media.

Project Status:

Mobile applications are an essential component for onboarding and retaining the mass demographic. A cursory glance at social media statistics tells us that as many as 90% of users consume social media through mobile apps as opposed to websites. We have worked diligently towards the production of our mobile applications and will continue to do so in the coming months.

liketu is pleased to announce that an alpha web platform will serve as our project starting point and is expected to go live in the new year. We have funded this project out of our own pockets and look forward to engaging with the Steem community during our testing phase.

Please check out our information website: https://liketu.org for more information and follow us on Steemit.com (@liketu) for regular updates.


In the spirit of community bonding, we have decided to attend SteemFest this year in Kraków...We are here right now!
Look out for the likes photo frame and our team members hanging around the events.
It’s an exciting time to be part of the Steem community and we look forward to meeting you all.

In the words of our captain :

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