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Hello everyone , how are you and your families doing, trust you all are doing well, more blessings to you all.

It has been a while and am happy to announce the wk #2 of our Family Contest but this time around we are going to do something so nice and beautiful. I know in families we have those that when they see or hear something that is very very important they will like all members of their families to see, hear, or know about it and this has helped many to escape danger or become successful in their families. We know that in Steemit many of us are in Steemit today because our family member or a friend shared the steemit opportunity with you so today we want to hear from you how you come to know about Steemit, is it from a good friend or from your family member or maybe you were the first person to know it in your family , then share with us.We will be happy to hear it in details how much Your family and friends love Steemit topic will be: FAMILY CONTEST WK2||SHARE WITH US HOW MUCH YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS LOVE STEEMIT BY YOUR USERNAME.

Things to look at in this contest


  • Who was the first person to know about steemit in your family?

  • Did you join Steemit because a member of your family is doing Steemit or because you love Steemit?

  • Do your family have song or slogan for Steemit? If yes share with us.

  • Tell us why you, your friends and family love steemit.

  • What is your prayers and wishes for Steemit?

This and many other things you know that can help families to love Steemit is accepted.

Contest Rules are simple

  • Subscribe and make your post on steem promo Africa.

  • Write at least 250 words or more.

  • Only one entry per person

  • It is open for all steemians.

  • Resteem and upvote this post.

  • Invite 5 of your friends to participate in this contest.

  • Comment the link of your entry under this post.

  • Plagiarism is prohibited.

  • The pictures must be your own.

  • If you show a picture of you or your friend and family Promoting Steemit you will have extra reward.

  • You can share your entry on any social media of your choice (it is optional)

  • Mention me @ijelady and @steempromoafrica in your post

  • Use the #tag #family-promo #steemexclusive #contest #steem promo africa #your country

30 steem have been map out for this contest, be creative and original.

The winners will be selected base on the quality of their post so be creative and original.

  • 1 st position is :8 steem

  • 2nd position is:6 steem

  • 3rd position is:5 steem

  • 4th position is 4 steem

  • 7 steem will be shared to special mention

This contest is open till 04/11/2021 11:59 pm Nigerian time.


We invite all of you to do your best, we wish you success in this contest.

Special thanks to:

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 2 years ago 

Really beautiful concept of contest. Thanks for organizing such a beautiful and unique contest in our community. @disconnect please add this contest to your list.

✔️This post is plagiarism-free
 2 years ago 

Thank you @mayureshpandit for encouraging me with those kind words, thank you

I'm in for this one

Interesting Contest is here again ooh, I will participate on it

@disconnect please add this contest

 2 years ago 

Good morning dear

I will participate 😊

 2 years ago 

Am expecting your entry, wishing you the best

I love thi contest, I will participate, @ijelady

 2 years ago 

Am waiting for your entry @ifioku, thank you for appereciating

A nice one ma
I love this contest

 2 years ago 

Thank you

What an amazing contest, we are gradually pushing steemit into families. Thanks so much my boss lady @ijelady.

Long live steemit
Long live steem promo african

 2 years ago 

Thank you steemit is still the best

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 2 years ago 

Thank you

This one is amazing and wonderful I can't missed out in this contest

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