We welcome you all to this week's issue of #talkchannel in the WORLD OF XPILAR Community Theme this week: "Can anyone steal upvote from you?"( week28)

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The idea of ​​"Talk Channel"

Maybe many of us want a place we could only talk about loosely and firmly. Ask questions about things we wonder about, for example, about the STEEM community or other things. That's why we want to create a post with "talk channel" Just talk to some or ask questions

The post"Talk Channel" will be posted weekly, every Monday and is open to everyone the whole week. And there we should all appreciate comments and responses to each other.
Yes, we need to talk to each other as well

Theme this week: "Can anyone steal upvote from you?"

The answer is yes.

The image was created by Tumisu from Pixabay.com

Keys dont matter anything if you have given access to posting to any app
it will still continue to works as posting auth (not the keys but the access token ) , unless you revoke access

We discovered it here a day from one of our Norwegian team members @bippe

As this photo shows, all 100% upvotes are stolen from @bippe.

The thief is @dims







Of course, these upvotes will be downvoted to minus

https://steemd.com/@ username, you will find the list of apps you have authorized.
Time to revoke some of them


We invite @steem-supporter who set up the links for us, he can explain this in more detail


In the "talk channel" we or you can also post a topic that needs a review, for example tools on Steem or other things you want to know about

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Responsibility moderator for "Talk Channel" is @adeljose

@adeljose @art-venture @stef1 @myskye @sultan-aceh
@franyeligonzalez @leveuf @axeman @xpilar


thanks for the tag ,

basically when you change keys the keys are changed and people cannot access the account without having a new updated keys ,

But when you authorize an app to do posting operations (post, comment , vote , downvote) , you also give an access token to the app (previously via steemconnetct and now via steemlogn) , which the app owner can use no matter you changed your keys or not until you revoke the app.

for example i own steemauto.app and all steemauto services votes , posts are boradcasted using a wif of account steemauto.app , combining with the access token we get from steemlogin , so you are not yet secured , so revoke all access to apps you stopped using or are no more oeprating on steem (like previous steemauto) , these maybe dangerous as they can abuse the chain .

Hope this answers the question

If you think i am helping the community please support us my casting your witness vote to steem-supporter

Also add revoke link for steempeak.app,nextcolony,holybread.app

 2 years ago 

yes, there may be more that we should revoke

I authorized my account in the few site like steemvoter,partiko,steemdunk,smartsteem ,e,t,c so they can also use my vote powers?

everyone you authorized can use your posting auth

 2 years ago 

Wow... I didn't know that could be done. Interesting topic! Every day we learn something new. Greetings friend @xpilar!!

@xpilar thank you for this informational and reminder for us to be aware of any apps that we authorize using our posting key

Hello @xpilar.

Amazing topic!
Uhm sorry but I have an offtopic question, would you be willing to be a judge for a short story contest I will be creating? It's part of the knitrias project initiatives.

I wish you a good day 😊

Hello @XPilar, I don't want to rush you whatsoever, but I would really like to know, if you are interested, since I would like to start the contest today :)
If so, I would also like to know how to reach you on discord or you can reach me, since I will be making a discord for the judges of the contest.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this.
I wish you a wonderful day!

Hey this is very good information thanks for give information

 2 years ago 

Thanks for the invitation @rashia, but I hope you can find others to be a judge.
I can sponsor your competition with 10 Steem :)

I can understand, thank you for considering it though. And wow thank you so much! I could raise the rewards accordingly 😁

@xpilar considering your amazing community and generous support for the short story contest, could I ask you for your support by sharing the contest in your community? I will publish the post tomorrow. 🥰

Thanks for this valuable information

it is really very much informative so very sad, how people are stealing vote

 2 years ago 

Hi friends, this you have explained is really serious and dangerous for users, thanks for sharing this information..!

Thanks for letting us know this things, am never gonna let and app access my account.

This clarification is very useful. Unfortunately, these cases have also occurred in the past.

thank you so much for this information, especially beneficial for newbies who are just starting out in this platform.

Cheers, mate.

Everything is possible in the Internet world, we just have to investigate about the control and monitoring applications that help us to keep our Steemit account safe, which present @xpilar in their post.

Welcome and success on the platform.

Am glad to be a part of this community and this post is really educative and helpful . Thanks for this awesome contribution

So what app did made bippe's account to get compromised?

 2 years ago 

Hi @cryptopie

@dims says that @bippe indicated his posting key in the wallet.
I asked him to give me proof of that

That can happen to you if you follow any unsecured link and this leads you to use your vote without being aware of it, you have to pay attention to what permission you make.

I think that is possible, since not long ago a user published an article where he showed that many inactive accounts were being used, and he made a call to that account, in addition to leaving a link to let them use your vote.

That's right, anything's possible.

I think I've heard about those cases of account plagiarism.


Well, this should be easy to find out, at least, after the fact that an unauthorized vote is given by a user, we could find out through applications like SteemWorld or Steemd

Thanks @xpilar for this post , becouse i have a question about my wallet from 1 week i am seeing that my author rewards automaticaly claimed . I dont know who has acces to my account . I logged on through 3 apps in past 3 weeks ..
Now please tell me what to do ?
Hope you will reply me as soon as possible
Regard @rashid001

 2 years ago 

Hi @rashid001

Can you explain more about it, take a screenshot of it

Thanks @xpilar, for replying me .. from 3 hour i have not claimed any single rewards in my wallet by myself but these rewards were claimed automatically ,i am sharing screenshots below.




 2 years ago 

Hi @rashid001

You can use the example from @ritch info which he refers to here

another way to revoke authorities by using the steempeak front-end.

Go to your profile
Actions button
Keys & permissions
Then just revoke all of them. I hope this info could be useful for new steemians.

🌹Thanks alot Sir🌹😊

this action cannot be tolerated, it is very dangerous especially for novice steemit users. I hope there will be a hard action from Team Steem.
thank you

Ohh this is bad but we can logout form those dirty site and dapp might it can be solution ,...????!?

 2 years ago 

you must revoke, you can use the links described in the post

I'm just realizing that. I'm a newbie here. I am grateful to have come across this information at the start of my journey so that I can apply cautious when giving assess to posting on any app.

Thank you very much for sharing and your kind response @steem-supporter


How do I become a verified member of the community @xpilar. I've subscribed already and ice read the kind of quality contents you expect from subscribers.

Thank you very much.

 2 years ago 


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This is an experiment, you indicated your posting key in the wallet. Change your keys!

 2 years ago 

Hi @dims

you call it an experiment, why did you test it several times.
Can you show me that you really found @bippe's posting key in his wallet

Hi @xpilar,
Of course, please see memo of transfer from Bittrex 6251.937 STEEM 6 days ago in @bippe's wallet.

 2 years ago 

Yes, you're right @dims, it's a posting key, not a memo key
I assume you are using a program to find keys in a wallet that has been used incorrectly

Oh no, I do not have a program, I saw a key by accident in bittrex's wallet.

 2 years ago 

Ok, great that we got to shed light on this.
You have been very good at answering us, you actually deserve those upvotes to stand. Good luck

Oh thanks. And do not forget to change the keys;) Good luck!

 2 years ago 

resteemed post! How to avoid these problems

 2 years ago 

As described

Incredible work!!! Good idea!!!

Gracias por esta valiosa información

I do not want to enter using third party links, I hope, everyone must be careful, always be vigilant when using third party links, I suspect they are using the application to carry out their activities, thank you for providing theft related information.

Hello, thank you @xpilar

Thank you very much for all the information shared here and I have already revoked some permits, for safety.
We also share your post so that more people see this information. :)

 2 years ago 

Thanks @team-mexico
yes everyone needs to know about this

Thank you for sharing this info @xpilar. Let me add another way to revoke authorities by using the steempeak front-end.

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Actions button
  3. Keys & permissions
  4. Authorities

Then just revoke all of them. I hope this info could be useful for new steemians.


Have a nice day!

 2 years ago 

Hi @ritch

Thanks for the information, it's helpful

very informative post dear. love you.

@xpilar thanks for passing this across, will must be very careful with all our keys and how will used them.

 2 years ago (edited)




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