We have a winner "GUESS THE SOUND OF STEEM" (Competition number 6) the prize is 11 STEEM + a 100% upvote on your blog from our trail

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The sound can be from anything, you have to describe exactly what the sound is coming from.

Several may have the correct answer by the end of the competition and the one who submitted the correct answer first is the winner

Thanks to all the participants

The sound of STEEM logo 1 377 x 362 vi har en vinner.jpg

The winner who posted the correct answer first is @vvarishayy


Here is the answer from @vvarishayy

Someone trying to open child resistant packaging.

We congratulate you as the winner of "GUESS THE SOUND OF STEEM" (Competition number 6). 11 STEEM will be transferred to your Wallet + a 100% upvote on your blog from World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail


One participant per competition.
You can not change the first answer you gave
And the answer must be in the comments field here

If no one has the correct answer within the deadline, the competition will be posted in a new post and the steem pot will increase by 1 Steem.
And then you get a new chance to "GUESS THE SOUND OF STEEM" Competition again with the same sound

*The competition is in a test phase so there may be changes

Be ready for the next one
"GUESS THE SOUND OF STEEM" (Competition no. 7) is coming soon smiley-1917647_1280 50 x 71 30 x 43.png


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Ja, ja, "Alguien que intenta abrir un paquete a prueba de niños" felicitaciones @vvarishayy un paquete anti apertura de niños, genial @xpilar no me lo esperaba.

hehe, yes @sacra97, this time it was hard to guess:)

Thank you:)

 2 months ago 

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Thank you @scilwa

Jajaja quién lo imaginaría, muchas felicitaciones al ganador por su buen oído! Saludos y gracias por los concursos @leyxi209!

thank you :) @leyxi209

Your welcome.

Oh wow @xpilar am so happy :) thank you 😊

You are welcome @vvarishayy




吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


 2 months ago 

Congrats @vvarishayy. Making the community proud.

#pakistan #onepercent

Thank you 😊

congratulations to the winner good contest greetings

Thank you 😊

Felicitaciones a @warishayy y a @xpilar por tu ingenio, nunca se me hubiera ocurrido.

Thank you 😊

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