We are launching the "Talk Channel" in the WORLD OF XPILAR Community

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I see many struggling to get comments or leave a comment.

Maybe many of us want a place we could only talk about loosely and firmly. Ask questions about things we wonder about, for example, about the STEEM community or other things. That's why I want to create a post with "talk channel" Just talk to some or ask questions


The post "Talk Channel" will be posted weekly
And there we should all appreciate comments and responses to each other by giving an upvote. Yes, we need to talk to each other as well

Bildet er tatt av Gerd Altmann fra Pixabay

Today we can start by getting to know something about each other
When you joined your steem journey and where you come from.
Yes, tell a little about yourself

Several moderators:
I would like to attach a moderator to "Talk Channel" and the WORLD OF XPILAR Community. If you wish, you can submit an application here.
500 SP will be delegated to the one I choose as moderator

The deadline for submitting applications is May 22

Fot The next SPUD4STEEM competition is June 1st 2020
Here you can read the whole post about SPUD4STEEM from @kiwiscanfly


Greetings, my friend, your proposal is very interesting. I'm from Venezuela, Zulia State, where the ambient temperature has not gone below 35°C in this quarantine, I think that even the Covid-19 can't stand this natural heat. I'm single although I have under my responsibility 3 nephews, I'm 38 years old, I entered Steemit because of my friend @jadnven, who still advises me these days.

Hi @adeljose

Thank you for your application, appreciate your interest

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Congratulation @xpilar to become grand father.Hope you got a friend for spanding quality time.


My name is NEVLU i am from Bangladesh but i live in oman.
My steemit journey is January 2018

Hi @nevlu123

Tthank you

I think there will be a lot of time with the grandson, we look forward to it

Lot of love and best wishes for your grandson.

 last year 

hi @xpilar, I see you have visitors from other side "Hive" in your posts, I have already two too. How people can't understand that with this attitude they only put the other guys off such community. Luckily we can mute them and I don not see such spam. Please everyone who has such spams with porn pictures need to mute them then you do not see them and just ignore. They are lick naughty children who want the attention of others.

Sorry that I first reacted to the spam rather than to your news that you became a grandfather, that is wonderful new and the baby is so cute :)

Hi @stef1

Yes, they behave like bad kids
and destroys for their own community in HIVE
But people are scared of them for being voted down
Too bad the guys who have any sense in HIVE with power allow them to behave that way.

hehe, yes baby is beautiful.
And my Wife is totally taking off now

Una familia numerosa, que bueno, y con su nuevo integrante es una alta dosis de ternura.

Hi @nestorgarcia

Thanks, yes there is a lot of tenderness now and our joy is great

Splendid news from you, @xpilar.
My most sincere congratulations to you on the birth of your grandson.
Health to your daughter and her baby. This is a glad time for your family.
And I understand your wife, she always wants to be with the baby now, it's great!

I am glad to meet you all here.
My name is Natali, am from Russia, but i live in Italy.
My steemit journey is August 2017.

Hi @vipnata

2017, it's 3 years already at steem
It's great

Yes, thank you so much @xpilar, but 1 year i didn't write the posts

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wow this is very interesting information for steemean specifically for me.
I hope there is a moderator from Indonesia.
I want to join right away

introduce my name @muftti born in Aceh, an Indonesian citizen. in Aceh hot and cold weather, if you have time to go to the province of Aceh visit @xpilar

Hi @muftii

Thank you for your application

 last year 

Resteem post! It is a very good work. In which every people can get help

Hi @ahlawat

Yes, we will run the talk channel once a week

Congratulation @xpilar to become grand father.

It is a great emotion, sometimes we do not see the participants as people who have their own lives, with their joys they become ours. Yesterday impressed with organic images, the human body is beautiful but it is not the right place only in anatomy class.

To keep going by doing what we love to write and helping others.

thank you @sacra97

To keep going by doing what we love to write and helping others

agree with you

Now, not everyone wants to state their age, but I am 66 years old man married and have 3 adult children 2 boys and a daughter.
And my daughter gave birth to a boy 5 days ago. it is our first grandson.

I joined Steemit July 2016, am from Norway and I live in a beautiful city called Fredrikstad. You guys who have been following me for a long time have seen a lot of pictures and videos from my hometown.


First of all heariest congratulations to become grand father. I must say you shared great idea. In this way we can make this community better and more active which will be helpful for the developing of this platform. I will fully support you in this regard. Keep it up @xpilar. By the way at the age of 66 your creativity and digital imaging skill is great.

Hi @kamchore

Thanks for your warm words, hehe age is just a number

A renowned Norwegian artist Wenche Myhre sings "When I turn 66"


The song is Norwegian language

I never tried Norwegian song. Thanks for sharing I would love to listen this. After seeing your work and efforts towards this community and your work one can easily say that age is a number. I wish people of my part of the world are so active at this age but unfortunately third world countries country economic conditions and stress level is the big hurdle in this regard. Stay blessed

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Song is great full of energy. Although I don't of Norwegian language. I googled the song translation. The poetry is great.

I buy a motorcycle for my pension
and drive around the city on my 1200 cubic
Even the freaks in park think the shoes are too grey
When the old one takes out his guitar and sings 'let's make love'
I gather my friends and play with them
Some residents complain about fights from the old people's home

let's make love is an important part of the life. It is important to love the people around the globe and you are already doing this. Thanks for sharing @xpilar

yes, the song lyrics are great.

Well, well, you've become a grandfather ... congratulations friend @xpilar, that the pain in the legs and back product of old age does not prevent you from walking and playing with your grandson, hahaha. Enjoy the love in family, is the most important thing in our lives.

thank you @adeljose

Yes, families are the most important thing

Congratulation , in your 66 you are still young in ideas. I am not sure what I am going to be when I am 66, Now I am 43. That is amazing to have grandchildren.

Hi @lebah

Time goes by so fast
I think the important thing is not to feel old, but to be youthful in mind and be active with a hobby such as the STEEM community

"Congrats " owner of a grandson.
Best wishes of your grandson and you.

I am from Dubai
My steemit journey is in this running year.

thank you @sky-view

Nice to meet you

Congratulations sir...as a grandfather ♥

Also this idea is good for the well communication of the communities members

thank you @vip1

Hi @xpilar

I appreciate the techniques and/or tools that you have implemented to be in contact with those who participate in the World Of Xpilar community, I have a question to see if you can answer it.

What will you do with the account that you have in Hive? I have seen that some have received your votes, I imagine that they were programmed during the fork.

Hi @jadnven

Thanks for hearing that you appreciate it

When it comes to Hive you can read here