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The news about crypto currency is in all media every day all over the world. TV and newspapers are fighting to have the latest news on what's going on in this digital world of cryptocurrency.


Big headlines like:

The decentralized crypto currency saves people in need after the big catastrophe in the country.

Farmers saved from bankruptcy after the banks requested the forced sale of the properties.

New hospitals, schools and private homes are being built in war-torn countries.

People on the run return home to rebuild their country.

Yes, the list of positive headlines is long.

How did this become possible?

Let's go back in time a bit.

It all started with a cryptocurrency that rewarded users from all over the world for their great posts on a blog platform with Block Chain Technology.


The platform has open source code and it attracted many new developers who constantly created new tools for the users. And lots of great software running on top of this Block Chain.

Only after a few years did many of the world's businessmen discover that this platform had the right to life and that they could be part of this rapid development and with the special crypto currency.

They saw that soon the whole world could take part in this special crypto currency and plans were put forward.

Some of the businessmen merged and formed a business concept based on the special crypto currency. They brought with them travel and airline companies, hotels and retail chains all over the world and who accepted the special cryptocurrency as a means of payment and the world's largest Cash Back Company was born.


It became so popular that online stores and gaming companies joined the large Cash Back Company and wanted to take part in the special crypto currency that many now use.

Furthermore, it was discussed whether it was possible to use some of the cash back funds to donate to charity. The idea was good, but how would customers react to it.

A comprehensive query survey was sent out to 30 million customers.

The form contained 35 questions, most of which were whether it was possible to help the weak and needy in the world and how all the members of the Cash Back Company could contribute to making this a reality.

Never before had the company received so many responses to a survey, as many as 67% responded.

Ask the survey also had a memo field where customers could make their own contributions to how this could become a reality.

The company was very surprised by all the positive responses.

Now they could build on that plan.

And a large-scale marketing of the project was launched.

The media coverage could not wait until the Cash Back Company announced that they would set aside 5% of their income for this purpose.

And that in addition, all the customers in the Cash Back Company also got an opportunity to contribute to this purpose from their Cash Back by up to 5%.

The Cash Back company also has its own forum on the blog platform and there the project was so well received that almost all bloggers would join and contribute from their rewards.

A new account was created on the Block Chain Platform to receive the% in rewards from the bloggers who contribute to this project.

Just a year after the start of this project, it grew bigger than anyone had imagined. A separate company was set up to provide funds to those in need worldwide.

After the successful start also came all those who joined the Cash Back Company, travel and airlines, hotels and shop chains and several others would support to donate a small% to charity from their profits from the special crypto currency.

On the Stock Exchange, the special currency (crypto currency) makes a big leap when the media now says that so many will donate% to the charity of their profits.


Several major investors are buying the coin on the stock exchange because they now see a bright future for this particular crypto currency.

With the large media coverage that the coin and the platform now receive, it is thanks to the Cash Back Company, it is only a matter of time before we are 100 Million users on the platform.

Never before have so many people from all over the world joined such a project to help others.

Back to the year 2026, there is an incredible message from the largest crypto exchanges. They will also now be able to donate to charity through this project.


The special coin beats all other coins in the trading speed of the crypto exchanges. The exchanges now give the charity project 0.1% of their profit from the special coin when it is traded on their crypto exchange.

The charity project is now one of the largest in the world and smart contracts have been created to provide loans for special projects such as schools and hospitals without fees and at a very low interest rate.

PS. Banks and governments also announce their interests and want to know more about the Charity Project and how they can also contribute to a better world

The charity project has a name, maybe you saw the name in 2026 and want to share it with us here 😊

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I give you all a challenge, you can write part 2 and use the title

"The year is 2026 and everyone is talking about crypto currency. Part 2"

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吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


I believe that blockchain-based social media applications such as STEEMIT will spread by 2023 on a large scale

 2 years ago 

Yes @stefano.massari, I think so too

Mr xpilar, Can I ask you a question? is there already a STEEMIT mobile application?

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Thank you for organizing this writing challenge, it let's many people to develop it in their own way and it is actually interesting how the story will go because everyone will have their own continuation.

That reminded me on the challenge in the past when the beginning was given and people had to finish. I remember we have a lot of fun with that.

In order to give more visibility I have re-steemed and also I am asking @steemcurator01 to support this Writing challenge for Fiction story of possible year 2026 with a Special Cryptocurrency.

Thank you in advance...

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Thanks @stef1

It will be exciting to read what others can write next about this Fiction story. Hope @steemcurator01 has the opportunity to support this writing challenge

Hopefully 2026 will have pride in cryptocurrency investors

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Yes @ustazkarim , I believe it when they discover the possibilities

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Hi @xpilar, having some free time I have written the possible Part2 of the story about possible Future of mystery Cryptocurrency:

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