Many people know the @acidyo / OCD Community and the OCD Manual Curation before the split came with the Hive community

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Before the split with Hive, @acidyo was one who hit hard on users who abused Steem and with his OCD Curation trail he had great power to do downvote


Today he does the opposite and milks our rewards pool to his own advantage by giving votes to the @keithkeithson account

I want to make @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog (steemit team) aware of this and @kiwi-crypto who work daily to flag abuse.

Let's take a look at @keithkeithson's account



After a few hours, the upvotes come


The posts are with a simple image and a simple text in the headline and 10 such simple posts have been posted in just a few hours.
Everyone understands what is happening here


If we look at the next 10 posts, they look like this and who is voting.
Each post generates $ 6 or more


Upvote from @acidyo to @keithkeithson from Yesterday


Upvote from @ocdb to @keithkeithson from yesterday


Here we check the transfer to Bittrex with memo bc95b675e37845b6bc6
which we trace to @acidyo


Here we check the transfer to Bittrex with SBD from @keithkeithson


But there are several such accounts that we trace to @acidyo




Here we check the transfer to Bittrex with SBD with memo 60974327aedd42a08bf which we trace to @acidyo


Who would have thought that @acidyo would do this.
He previously fought for such accounts not to be on Steem
Shame on you @acidyo

We need to crack down on that kind of abuse in the steem.

Thank you for reading and sharing your opinion

 10 months ago 

They didn't give me and to @flysky 270,000 Hive airdrop, they put downwotes on me for 6 months as well as my whole family for all the alleged reasons (I write bad posts, my poetry is not good, I'm not loyal to the real Steem / Hive team, etc.) I was spammed lists, etc. These people are frauds and there are still some here with us, we have to protect our beautiful Steem and Steemit. Thank you @xpilar for these sincere protective measures.

I remember very well that they did it to you
They do not have morals

 10 months ago (edited)

Without moral - Right words!

How are you @dobartim ? Hopefully you and your brother are doing fine.

 10 months ago 

I’m great, me and my brother are healthy and alive, but we’re by no means that good and we can’t forget those 270,000 Hive airdrop we didn’t get. You have one of the strongest communities on the Hive Blog, write a post of reconciliation, that would be your biggest support. Thank you for your kind support

Gone from protecting the blockchain, to the complete opposite.

Gone from protecting the blockchain, to the complete opposite.

They do not have morals

I think Steemit is missing some democratic power. There should be an action like voting against someone and the outcome is a ban or freezer or something. I can't express how frustrating is to produce good, quality articles (for almost 4 years now) with 1000s of original photos and almost no curations. Luckily I found out how delegation works so I managed myself some curation but that is nothing comparing to those whale accounts. I hope in the future Steemit will be a more fair place and not just whales dweling

When someone abuses steem in such a way, the accounts should be able to be frozen

Word on that!

what a Dick Keith is.

But they are also shunning and lynching those that are there and still posting in here @xpilar :(
I really feel so sad about it and also what you had shown here.

I think if we dig more we will find more such accounts from HIVE users who have a greater SP for abusing the reward pool

If Steem and SBD are constantly being withdrawn to Bittrex and sold there, then it will be difficult for us to achieve an increase in the price of Steem SBD.
Their accounts should be frozen.
Thanks for your post, @xpilar

I think you don't understand the principel of blockchain and privat ownership.

We understand it, but not abuse it

Dear @jeanpi1908

I disagree with you. By principle you own your tokens, but it should be possible to block some users from receiving curation rewards and generally from being able to place upvotes.

 10 months ago (edited)

You're right, you should also write a post on the Hive blog that they should give Hive airdrop to those who didn't get it, like me and my brother and another 81,000,000 Hive airdrop? It’s not fair especially when we know that @acidyo and that team of people on whose project you’re at the top are doing immoral things like this. Your community is strong there, you should write a post about it, it would be very nice if we all forgive each other together.

agree with you

If Steem and SBD are constantly being withdrawn to Bittrex and sold there, then it will be difficult for us to achieve an increase in the price of Steem SBD

indeed. so nice you was doing the same not on a regular basis, so 'that doesnt counts'.

да, если люди продают Steem и SBD, чтобы покупать hive и увеличивать свою SP там, то это очень плохо для Steemit. Надо определиться, какую платформу поддерживать. Вы же видели скрин, что пишут по 10 постов в день и все выводят. Большинству это не под силу. За этими стаханцовами не успеть. Не так ли? Вы тоже там и тут?

Надо определиться, какую платформу поддерживать.

думаю что все давно определились - и поддерживают биткойн.

It really is sad to look at this. a person who once was against these things is now doing the same.

There are so many people on steemit who write quality post but still don't get a vote of $1.

I think those are the people who should be highlighted and helped to grow here not people who write 2 lines and post a image.

I don't know if anything will be done for those accounts.

Thank You.

Resteemed attention to my Followers and other users.

Thank you @ytyeasin

Hi @xpilar:

It is very unfortunate that these types of situations continue to occur.
I thank you for having the initiative to be someone responsible and exposing this situation is unpleasant to the community.

I hope the leaders of @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog take action on the matter as soon as possible to prevent these types of situations where they take advantage of the platform excessively and in a bad way from continuing to happen.

Especially because there are people who work very hard to do a job that promotes a pleasant space on the platform, and that there are people who spoil the pleasant image of the platform.

I am convinced that they will take action on the matter, and I do not think they will allow this to continue to occur.

Thank you for loving the community so much and I congratulate you for the work you do.

Together we are more and United we are invincible! 👍🏼 ♥ ️

Thank you for your post @xpilar.

In my entry to the #Steemingcurators contest I touched on this issue which I discovered through my exploration of the network. I joined less than 4 moths ago and while I appreciate all the good that exists on the #Steemit network, I feel there is an invasive darker side to it.

In my opinion, it is much more beneficial to the community that these concerns come to light and I salute you for taking the initiative to tackle such an issue.

agree with you @alaeddin

 10 months ago 

That is interesting how people change their opinion and priority when it comes for personal benefits.

Actually there were many users who did it. Now it is clear why those accounts are still around and still have SP because they still want to "milk" Steem

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Actually there were many users who did it. Now it is clear why those accounts are still around and still have SP because they still want to "milk" Steem

Yes, there is no doubt about it

Maybe he started abusing the system after steemit tried to steal his complet balance?

Hi @jeanpi1908 "OCD curator"

Do you think that justifies it?

LOL, I was not surprised by your answer


Think about how wrong you were
But you're still watching here

Saludos muy buena esa iniciativa.

Thank you @leigth

Greetings friend @xpilar.

They just want to take advantage of the boom that has the Steem and SBD to drag it to the Hive platform, as they see the Steem rising want to come to want to harm again.

It is good to follow this kind of practices.

Buenas noches @adeljose, no sé dónde hacerlo y creo que este comentario viene al pelo.
Mientras los demás nos partimos la cabeza intentando hacer publicaciones de calidad este perfil por ejemplo solo hace publicaciones con artículos de Amazon, mal estructurados, su contenido es copiada de otra plataforma y todas sus publicaciones tienen entre 15/30 dólares.



Además siempre es votado por la misma cuenta que es la que le da prácticamente todo el dinero.


No sé si podéis hacer algo al respecto pero creo que no deberíamos permitir esto. No es justo que unos creen contenido bueno y se lleven unos céntimos y otros hagan esta trampa para ganar dinero todos los días.

He will probably market his store

And he has delegated his SP to


agree with you @adeljose

resteem for attention another user.
good job sir and great review

Thank you @nevlu123

Dear @xpilar

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Have a great weekend ahead,
Cheers, Piotr

 10 months ago 


Very Usefull information ...!! @xpilar

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 10 months ago (edited)

This is one of the bad side effects of the decentralization that we've always been proud of, as it's difficult to block abusers as long as they have much power.
I wonder if there is any way to stop milking Steemit in such an awful manner.
Hopefully, @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 will take the initiative with regard to this matter.

Thanks for drawing attention to this issue @xpilar

Thanks for the resteemed
Yes, people should know about this

O don't get it, he is doing this for free or getting paid?

Check the whole post and you will understand @ond

The drama never ends 😂 . I'm disappointed tho. 🙁

I'm learning a lot from this whole saga. This is not a sustainable action for me. If everyone were to act like this, it would be bad for the steem blockchain.

Unfortunately, I see this happening and not only with this account.

I recently went back to writing and when looking at posts from old friends, I noticed something strange, a trail of votes in random photos and repeated comments, and when I went to look at wallet, the person getting paid daily for rewards like that ...

Talk about some serious abuse of the community.

I knew there had been some changes to Steemit (I just recently got back into it) but, damn, I cant believe it became a Jerry Springer Episode. I hope the Steemit Team can get this resolved. Kudos to you for finding these abuses and calling them out. Gotta love the blockchain ledgers too!


Good job my freend

Thank you @basyir01

Was wondering if anyone can help me. Ive been having issues with @steemengineteam @starwarz where their theft of my voting power on steemit has effected my hive activity. I am very confused upon wether i am getting punished for using one chain or the other. @spaminator and the hivewatchers discord faction seem to be the centralized bullys in hive at the moment. @jazzresin is my account am i on any blacklist here in steemit?

Hi @jazzresin

Do not think you are blacklisted
Have you taken a powerdown yourself or have you been hacked

Im being hacked by hive monsters named #hive-watcher and steevc. I cant seem to login to my hivesigner any more i get a loop. Something awful. When i change things on steemit does it change on hive. They got me all twisted.

To be honest i dont exactly know what was going on i was being punished due to @starwarz and @steemengineteam had access to my posting key and were using my votes. Somehow a double spend was occuring on both hive and steemit. Something to do with hive watchers. Former steem cleaners and their cheetah like spamulator bot. Had to go to discord and it seemed contrived and certainly not decentralized. People begging to have their names taken off some list. Maybe its a canadian thing. Am a dual citizen so perhaps blocktrades was struggling with my proclamation. Which now i cant respond correctly to. I thought i had reset keys reset password only to endure the horror of none of them working. It was a real nightmare. Time consuming and utterly confounding. I am glad that i got thru with it and was able to regain control. It seemed as if the hivesigner was utterly broken for me. Is that pablomatt? I had struggled with logging in to his bidbot watcher here in steemit. No support or explanation what happened. Sigh i complain too much. Just looking forward to things running smooth again. I havent abandoned steemit and i believe its possible to see both exist. Thanks for asking,

You're great!

[WhereIn Android] (

I am very confused on this... but let me insvestigate this on your proofs.

I know acidyo because he downvoted some of my good posts in HIVE for setting benificiery to ph-fund to 50%, that's all but he upvoted another post of mine so although it did not know, well it lightens your pissed off feeling...

Now due to this... serious downvotes, not many post in ph-fund I guess in fear of downvotes ... anyway.

THankyou for this brilliant expose... I shall check it out in a clearer frame of mind.

Very impressing

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