Great Competition, you can win WOX tokens

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What to do:

You join easily,

Press Joined to join the community
and press new post and you post it in


But you can also post the post in your own community, but remember to use the tag #wox-exchange so I can find the post

The rules for the competition are simple:,

Create a guide on how to buy and collect wox tokens, use screenshots and you can also make a video. You can use your own language or English or both in the same post. Remember to post in World Of Xpilar and use the tag #wox-exchange.

And put a link from your post here in the comments section
so I can give you rewards from our trail.

The competition ends on January 14, 2022

Good luck

Introduction to World of Exchange - A product of World of Xpilar


World of Exchange is a product that was born a year ago and now we are at a final phase of implementation . There were many ideas we discussed in between and finally decided and started building something that will bring a lot of positive changes to our beloved chains .

What is WOX (World of Xchange) ?

World of Xchange is basically a pancakeswap fork on tron blockchain with added features . Not limiting to only Liquidity pools , farms and swap as we have planned a lot more than what PCS has to offer . There are still a lot of work to complete but we would love to shill this to our community .

We need not explain what pancakeswap is as we dont wanna make this post long and boring so please grab the link and read more about PCS here

DeFi Redefined ?

As Tron is one of the cheapest blockchain in this Domain, we decided to use TRON . Apart from what PCS has to offer , we have different Steroid Ideas that could redefine different Products of Defi in a single product line . Features we will provide are listed as below .

  • Liquidity Pool
  • Instant Swap
  • Yeild Farming
  • Smart Contract Deployment (Contract as a service)
  • Cross Chain Bridges for Wrapped Tokens
  • DAO (OHM Forked Rebasing Token)

Liquidity Pool : As we all know LQ Pool is a crowdsourced pool of cryptocurrencies or tokens locked in a smart contract that is used to facilitate trades between the assets and LQ providers will earn certain percentages on every trade . Unlike SunSwap Where majority of pool are paired with TRX , our LQ Pool's can be customized as per users requirement where yeild can be modified as per contract .

Instant Swap : Instantly Swap between Two Tokens even if the pair is not created in the Pool . WOX will automatically decide best route to Swap tokens . For example if a pair is for TRX/STEEM but you want to swap Directly WOX/STEEM our system will Decide Which route to go and Auto Swap tokens from TRX/WOX and then TRX/STEEM saving your double swap fees and time .

Yeild Farming : This is a Native PanCakeSwap or UniSwap Feature customized where Yeilds Farms can be created on Custom APY and LP Tokens can be staked to Earn WOX Tokens.

Smart Contract Deployment : You can use our System Directly to build predefined Customized Smart Contracts Hassle Free and never worry about it . Call in Tron and Execute is steem (Isn't That Awesome)

Cross Chain Bridges for Wrapped Tokens : Unlike Other DeFi where basically you need Chain Native Token/Coin to use the DEX , we shall offer Cross Chain Bridges where you can directly Deposit Coins Like BTC , LTC , STEEM to our System and get a wrapped token which shall be pegged to that specific coin , directly usable in World Of Xchange , without any further Exchanges .

DAO : DAO is an OHM Steroid on Tron where you can stake WOX token to recieve sWOX (Staked WOX) token that will give you Compounding Yeilds Every Epoch (8 Hours) and auto Compounding . Unlike other OHM forks where many rug pulls have happend because of treasury not being backed by any Assets except Pooled MIM tokens , Our Treasury will be backed By Fees generated by Yeilds,Liquidity,Swap Fees and Rewards generated by other services on our system which will automatically add to Treasury Contract and give you Insanely High Yeilds and Runway time. If you havent heard of OHM Forks please follow the link here


To be fully Operational from Day 1 we would require massive amount of Liquidity to fill our TRX/WOX and WOX/wSTEEM (Wrapped Steem) so that users can instanly start using our servcies , we have decided to do a IEO on SunSwap. There are two ways you can obtain WOX Tokens.

Buy them on Discounted Price

Its super easy to buy WOX Tokens as it is easily avilable on SunSwap .

To Buy WOX tokens please use the below guide

Note : Make Sure you Have TRX in your wallet and tronlink is unlocked

  • Goto and click on swap.

  • In the Swap Window Select TRX in the From Section and in the to section dropdown paste the contract address i.e (TAs52oeyrRaeWwLEGNtf1PtpbQct4brM6o) it will reflect as WOX .

  • Fill in the desired TRX Amount you want to purchase for and click swap and you will have WOX in your Wallet .

EARN TRX and WOX By Providing Liquidity to the Pair.

On the same page you will see a pool option . Click on the pool Option and then Click Add Liquidity . Select TRX in the First Field and in the second input dropdown paste our Contract Address. Fill in the required amount of TRX and then add Liquidity .
Note: To add Liquidity you need to hold WOX Tokens First.

Please Feel Free to Contact us in our Discord Server if you have any Confusions regarding Byuing , Pooling , Project RoadMap or if you need any info about the project .

Note : Please make sure you are on sunswap V2 while trading or adding Liquidity



Prices as of December 29th




Please join our telegram channel for instant updates .

Join our Discord for Discussion and other things related to WOX


A big thank you to our developer @the100 and the developer team for the great work you do


WORLD OF XPILAR LOGO BILDE 2 beskjært 855x416 bruk 2.png


Voting for me: type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE



Congratulations on being a runner-up in the Steemit Awards 2021...

 2 years ago 
 2 years ago 

I saw @adeljose asking how to buy a WOX token using the phone. So I made the appropriate tutorial:

 2 years ago (edited)

Thanks @o1eh for the great guide and how you can do it with your mobile.
Thank you for investing in WOX tokens

All that sounds complicated to me, but I will definitely try. Not only for the reward but out of curiosity. Maybe would be easier if someone who already understands all the process and is ready to help with the guidance could leave the discord contact in the comments. Just in case of any questions.

DeFi can be complicated and hard to understand fully but how to get WOX token is not hard.

maybe can you create a youtube video .. with a new browser and start from installing plugin .. ? would be amazingly helpful and you might get rewarded too :)

 2 years ago 

Thank you @tomoyan for a great guide and thank you for investing in WOX tokens

 2 years ago 

Yes, crypto is complicated,

@tomoyan has made some guides, I left his Discord ID for you

I have included this post in the 29th issue of Steem News Magazine For Steemit Platform | December 31, 2021.

 2 years ago 

Thank you @amryksr

I’ll join soon!

 2 years ago 

Thank you @alejos7ven 👍

 2 years ago 

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

 2 years ago 

Thank you @pennsif

I will join hopefully the wox token will progress

 2 years ago 

Thank you @wienart

 2 years ago 

Great guide, thank you @o1eh

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