Digital Art, New Competition (No.30) You can win Steem. Congratulations to the winners from competition 29

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You Must Make Your Own Digital Picture and Show Step By Step In The Drawing

Example: Digital Art by @xpilar



You must leave a picture and link to your post here in the comment field so that I can find you and verify you for the Competition

The competition is open to everyone

AI Image Generator is not approved to use in the competition, it must be your own digital art

The competition ends on May 9, 2024
and the winners will then be published in a new post

Applicable prizes, from this competition onwards

The prizes

1st place2nd place3rd place4th place5th place
5 Steem4 Steem3 Steem2 Steem1 Steem


The posts from participants will also be supported by our
CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar


Congratulations to the winners from

Digital Art competition 29

1st place 5 Steem

2nd place 4 Steem

3rd place 3 Steem


4th place 2 Steem

5th place 1 Steem

🏆 Steem prizes are transferred to the winner's wallet


A new Steemit interface? With your vote it is possible

The developer @the-gorilla has been working on a new and better look for the interface for a while which also means moderating the condensers Remember to vote for his proposal, click here



Voting for me: type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE


Founder of @wox-helpfund


If you want to know more about @wox-helpfund click here


This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest List

Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 03rd May 2024

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Wow I just want to acknowledge this looks super difficult guys. You have to have had to put in some work it's not just a skill it's also talent imagine being able to bring a picture in your mind to materialize in the real world great work all love to the contestants in this challenge you really deserve a round of applause.

 3 months ago 

Thank you @mrnazrul for entering the competition

Thank you very much 👍

Thank you very much 👍

 3 months ago 

Thank you @mofmarial for entering the competitionl

It is a pleasure to

Congratulations to the Winners and Participants.

Thank you, friend!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
please click it!
(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

The weight is reduced because of the lack of Voting Power. If you vote for me as a witness, you can get my little vote.

Thank you @xpilar for 1st place and prize.

Congratulations to all the winners.

My entry into the Digital Art Competition - No. 30

Moonlight Glow - Final.jpg

 2 months ago (edited)

Thank you @fijimermaid for entering the competitionl

Wow, so happy to be the champion
I am ready for the next contest 👍

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