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Hello @bambuka and all photography lovers.

I found the topic proposed for this week very interesting, and since it can be interpreted in many ways, I decided to participate with this case study of motion with slow shutter speed. The small session was taken on a grey afternoon, without sun, with rather poor lighting conditions, I used shutter speeds of between 1/10 and 1/30 without a tripod, and the intention was not that any part of the image should be in focus, but that the moving figure should take on unreal shapes, but recognisable as someone moving. I think the result is quite close to the initial idea.


Hola @bambuka y todos los amantes de la fotografía.

El tema propuesto para esta semana me ha resultado muy interesante, y puesto que se puede interpretar de muchas formas, me decido a participar con este caso de estudio del movimiento con baja velocidad de obturación. La pequeña sesión la he realizado en una tarde gris, sin sol, con una condiciones lumínicas bastante pobres, he usado unas velocidades de obturación de entre 1/10 a 1/30 sin trípode, y la intención no era que alguna parte de la imagen estuviera enfocada, sino que la figura en movimiento adquiriera formas irreales, pero reconocibles como alguien moviéndose. Creo que el resultado se acerca bastante a la idea inicial.








Unless stated otherwise, all the pictures and the words are mine.
Do not use this image without my written permission.
Proudly free of AI.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Camera: Canon EOS5 MkIII
Lens: Canon 24-70 f:2.8
Processed with Capture One


Why do they run? And where...? ;-))

 4 months ago 

Hi @weisser-rabe

Many thanks for supporting and commenting.

Why, I'm running a basic course of photography and I decided that this class has to be about low speed in order to register some motion sense. They are the students.

Where, at the house entrance where I'm giving the classes.

I reiterate my acknowledgement.

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We are the hope!

 4 months ago 

Hello @xaviduran
People are still recognizable, but now we see the dynamics of the movement.
Long exposure is capable of many effects, but the main thing is that it immerses us in another reality :)

Now we have "a party hotel", look in, welcome))

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Following 'The Party'

Many thanks.

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🖐 😊 👌


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Many thanks @steemcurator08 and @stef1 for your invaluable support.

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Many thanks for commenting and supporting

Me gusta el efecto logrado en cada una de las fotografías. Parece que corren en el mismo lugar, que no llegarán a ningún sitio y a la vez el efecto es de movimiento. Son efectos interesantes a tener en cuenta.

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