WOX-HELPFUND donates 150 STEEM to @hernalis12 to help her daughter with expenses for an emergency operation on the right eye

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WOX-HELPFUND donates 150 STEEM to @hernalis12 to help her daughter with expenses for an emergency operation on the right eye


@hernalis12 tells us

Unfortunately, I have been away from the platform, for a reason that has left me devastated and discouraged: my daughter, barely 11 years old, has to have an emergency operation on her right eye.

On Tuesday, August 2nd while drawing she started to sharpen the pencil and one end got stuck in the sharpener. When she tried to remove the stuck end she made a wrong move which brought the sharpener into her eye and hit it hard

You can read the entire post here @hernalis12

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Me alegra muchísimo que hayan apoyado a la amiga Hernalis con su niña, sé que ella debe estar demasiado angustiada con la situación de su niña y no es para menos, la zona afectada es una parte muy delicada pero esperemos que todo salga muy bien, Dios estará con ella.

Hermoso apoyo querida comunidad, feliz de poder ver que apoyar a otros aún es algo importante para muchas personas. Mis mejores deseos para esta gran causa. Saludos!😊❤

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