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Under the blue sky, there was a very heartbreaking commotion, when the sun began to fall its light on the earth. People in droves headed towards the south and north. They are a payoff for the allied territory rebels.

Behind all the conveniences nowadays, it turns out that there are many sad stories. Some of them are stories of slavery that occurred in various countries. They are victims of slavery who are willing to sacrifice their time, energy, and even their lives to build a civilization. Slavery itself is an activity to employ other people without reward but with coercion.

There is a lot of slavery in this world. The atrocities of these rebels are certainly beyond the expectations of the people. Coming with the lure of giving independence, it turned out that rebels were on the rise. They gave ultimatums to all local leaders to be able to provide groups to work with. Millions of people gathered from all over the archipelago have had a worse fate than a worker. They were required to work on the project, even to become part of the Nipon army to protect the rebel-controlled territory. The rebels also made people's lives even more tortured. Withdrawing food and clothing.

The history that has not been revealed and has something to do with the history of slavery in the East, not only more broadly in the region. The history of slavery there covers a very long period of time and includes many forms of slavery. Given this scope the problem of slavery in the surrounding area. Kill all the natives of the Island, to open a nutmeg plantation. He then bought slaves from the coastal areas of the city. From there began the practice of the slave trade. Slavery has become part of the social system. The occupation allowed the practice of slavery to continue because it benefited their position in the colony.

In the early 1830s, Truganini struggled to gather the remaining tribes, in collaboration with white authorities, to move together to a location that felt safe from white oppression. Together with her husband Woureddy, Truganini helps Robinsson's mission to gather and explain to his tribe that there is no other choice but to join Robinsson in creating a new safe place for whites in Port Philip. Unfortunately, due to many incidents that did not allow many indigenous people to die during the period of their journey to the new place due to food shortages and infectious diseases, it is recorded that there are around 1800 native Tasmanians who migrated with Robinsson only about 50 people left. But then when there was a similar declaration that it was permissible to continue the massacre again, Truganini joined the original Port Philip fighters to turn against the white group and Robbinsson. Truganini was then arrested and brought to Flinders Island. In 1856, only a few people remained from the aboriginal Tasmanian tribe. In 1869 the last Tasmanian male Aborigine, William Lanne, who was believed to be the husband of Truganini, died. In 1873 all of them died, only Truganini was left. Until 1876 he was transferred to Hobart until the end of his life.


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