⚽ CONTEST ENDING TODAY - WOX Fantasy Champions League 2021/22 - 100 STEEM Prize Fund

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Today sees the first round of Champions League matches start and with it, entries for this season's WOX Fantasy Champions League contest will no longer be accepted.

The game is free to play and the Steemit League is free to join. You can sign up and create your team by following this link and join Steemit's League by clicking this link or by entering this code:



(Subject to change before the season commences)

20 STEEM for 1st place overall
10 STEEM for 2nd place overall
5 STEEM for 3rd place overall
5 STEEM for winning any of the 13individual Gameweeks (65 STEEM total available)

Steemit Competition Rules of Entry

Any entries that do not conform to the following rules can still play but won't be eligible for any prizes. You will receive a reply to your contest comment confirming your entry.

  1. Your team name should include your Steemit username - e.g. @the-gorilla. If it doesn't, reply to this post with your team name before the season starts so that I can identify you.
  2. You must Resteem this post
  3. You must reply to this post saying that you have joined
  4. You must have a minimum reputation of 50
  5. Only 1 entry per person - Anybody found entering with more than 1 Steemit account will be disqualified and banned from all ongoing and future WOX Fantasy Sports contests.
  6. Entries will close when the 1st match kicks off this evening (Tuesday 14th September). (Only teams joining with ZERO points will be accepted as late entries.)

Game Rules


Sign Up Link


League Code to Join


Entry Status

Will be updated here

 10 months ago 

Game on! ⚽️Let’s see how we do @datych 🤔I got my first 3 points already🤫 I just saw on the league that you have 12 🙌

 10 months ago 


Lewandowski go go go! 10 points already, Lewandowski alone! You have this guy too.


 10 months ago 

Oh yeah 🤩 He is very good and always scores a lot @datych! I'm glad I picked him👌 He was one my first choices.

 10 months ago 

Messi has brought me only 2 points. 😬 He is not a captain in my team anymore ... Lewandowski is.

 10 months ago 

I didn't get Messi on my team at all @datych☝️ I chose other players who also score a lot like Jota and Haaland who I put down as a captain. I will see how my team does and maybe do some changes over the weekend.

 9 months ago 

I made some transfers ... I had to ... Messi 😠 left the team.

 9 months ago 

🙌 @datych Messi is expensive (good for him really as he’s making over £1,000,000 a week!) and he hasn’t played much lately.

I’ve joined
My team name is: Captain FC

 9 months ago 

You're in 👍

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