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RE: ⚽ CONTEST ENDING TODAY - WOX Fantasy Champions League 2021/22 - 100 STEEM Prize Fund

in WORLD OF XPILAR11 months ago

Game on! ⚽️Let’s see how we do @datych 🤔I got my first 3 points already🤫 I just saw on the league that you have 12 🙌

 11 months ago 


Lewandowski go go go! 10 points already, Lewandowski alone! You have this guy too.


 11 months ago 

Oh yeah 🤩 He is very good and always scores a lot @datych! I'm glad I picked him👌 He was one my first choices.

 11 months ago 

Messi has brought me only 2 points. 😬 He is not a captain in my team anymore ... Lewandowski is.

 11 months ago 

I didn't get Messi on my team at all @datych☝️ I chose other players who also score a lot like Jota and Haaland who I put down as a captain. I will see how my team does and maybe do some changes over the weekend.

 11 months ago 

I made some transfers ... I had to ... Messi 😠 left the team.

 11 months ago 

🙌 @datych Messi is expensive (good for him really as he’s making over £1,000,000 a week!) and he hasn’t played much lately.

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