White single mushroom from aceh forest.

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White Single Mushroom from Aceh Forest.

Today, I will show again a single type of fungus that grows by itself in the Aceh forest, this type of fungus usually relies on a humid and watery place, to grow and develop every day in the ambassador in Aceh, even this type of fungus when late in the afternoon, will easily wither automatically.

This type of mushroom that you see, if you see it looks like it is very hard, but behind this vision, that this type of fungus is very soft when we hold it, so it can damage the sides of the leaves which look like umbrellas.

what kind of mushrooms I mean, let's look at them below:












that is the mushroom that I can show you all, I hope you will be happy to see it.

don forget #promosteem and #tron in your country

Hilsen @sultan-aceh


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Macro PhotographyMushroom
Location PhotoAceh Forest
Camera usedHandphone


 3 years ago 

Hello dear friend @ sultan-aceh good day
The great work and dedication you do to make these beautiful photographs of your flattery in the forest arrive was greatly appreciated. Beautiful mushroom you teach us on this occasion
I take this opportunity to wish you a great day

it is one of the forest mushrooms that are poisonous and can not be eaten

true @ sultan-aceh this mushroom is very easy to wither. This fungus is exactly like an umbrella. good and steady post, I like it.

beautiful picture of the mushroom, he is like a small umbrella.

Jamur aceh memang di kenal berbagai jenis yang indah dan cantik.
Terimakasih sudah berbagi...

Hutan Aceh memang terdapat berbagai macam jenis jamur yang cantik dan ini terbukti dari setiap postingan yang Abang publikasikan tentang jamur, semuanya sangat indah dan menakjubkan 👌👌👌

So pretty and beautiful this mashroom , like a umbrella shape flower.

This mushroom is very beautiful and looking like an umbrella. Thank you.

i didn't see mushroom before this closer, so amazing.

Postigan yang sangat bagus dan ceker yang sangat terpokus @sultan-aceh

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