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The journey of the Aceh-Team members

Days have passed in the construction of the house of a Steemians who posted his best Contents so far on Steemit. and several Aceh-Team members, over time, continue to prepare and complete Team members who will go to remote villages with the name Cot Murbo.

My explanation below, I summarize the whole real work with @aceh-team members, in a true story that we adopted in helping Aceh Steemians, a journey to build Steem's house, supported by Team Steemit - @steemcurator01, in providing upvote. We really appreciate together the main sponsor @dobartim - @xpilar - @stephenkendal, as well as the support from the Steem Family who has provided donations, support and prayers, so that the achievement of this steem house construction becomes a reality. in the next few days.

Full support assisted with personnel, from members of the Aceh-Team Local World Of Xpilar.


Gradually, as the weather around the village was still cold and some people were still fast asleep in their dreams, however, members of the Aceh-Team, in preparation for a few days ago, continued to explore, the cold morning when the sun had not yet risen.

atmosphere on the road, one picture captured in the picture, which I have prepared, for you to see today. let's take a look at it below:

After a few minutes of traveling, we arrived at the border of the village we were headed for, namely the village of Cot Murbo, in this area, the road was uphill, the wheels of the vehicle continued to turn, until we reached the destination of the development.


I continue this house construction activity in accordance with the "previous story" so that the entire work on building the house is in accordance with what is done in the real world.

Cement preparations for laying bricks on the walls of the building were prepared continuously, so that all the building materials arranged could be achieved quickly in the construction of this house.


With the help of volunteers from @desainer-steem, the homework continues to increase, until the bricks, for wall purposes, are gathered around the arrangement of bricks.

the current weather is a light drizzle, which only temporarily becomes an obstacle in the construction of the house, in order to avoid things that we don't want "fear of collapsing walls", so the work on this house, some of it is delayed before work on the house continues.


You can pay attention, in the picture below, this is the atmosphere of house construction, if rain and wind conditions hit the development area of this area, however, we still continue the construction, and we adjust it in the field while building the house.


a situation like this, has become a habit in this village, rain and wind, all activities will stop, and wait for the rain and wind to stop, then construction activities will be resumed.


Front Door Frame Adjustment

Below, is the Front Door Lecturer Adjustment activity, which takes several hours, even in this activity, some of the Aceh-team members have an active role that continues to support the implementation of this house construction activity.

Let's see, in a glance, in the picture, the adjustment of the diua door frame, until it's finished installing.

Making the front porch of the house

In the picture below, the making of the front porch of the house is in progress, starting with the first excavation, until it is finished, which you can see again in the picture below. assisted by @wahyudi2010

let's take a look at it below :






Aceh-Team Member @wahyudi is helping to make the terrace of the house


Continue Construction of the pending top beam.

Because the rain and wind had stopped, the making of turning over, was continued again until it was finished, like the reasons I mentioned above, to continue activities when rain and wind, the activity was forced to stop.

however, the activity continued, because the rain stopped, until the work of making the upper beam was completed, it was done perfectly.




Coating the walls with cement

In the activity below, so that the arranged bricks are not visible, the walls of the house must be coated with a mixture of sand and cement, so that the walls are tidier.

below, some pictures I have prepared, for us to see together. in achieving this house-making process.





Inner wall stages are finished

Below, you can see, Coating the walls with cement, done in the works, some pictures, I have prepared, in a different perspective, so you can see them below.





Arrangement of steel roof truss

in this house, because the price of wood is very expensive, and to avoid several other factors, such as:

  • insect nests "termite"
  • the quality of wood "termite nest"
  • in order to be durable "steel frame iron"

then, we replaced wood, with steel frame, for installing the steel frame, on the roof of the house, and immediately installing zinc, until it was finished. let's see it below :







Homework Conclusions

In the Conclusion section of this House Work, I will be in more detail, want to explain, that, the work of this house, has been completed, as shown in the picture, so only a few other parts, which are inside and outside, have not been carried out, this is due to several materials must, ordered in advance and wait for the goods to arrive, to the place of the Buyer Shop, as a provider of building materials for this house.

I summarize the whole part of this house into a combined picture, because in the construction of this house, it must be adapted to natural conditions, namely rain and wind.

the whole picture, let's take a look at it below:







Home completion Stages

House construction at night

To accelerate the construction of this house, we do some house construction work at night, to speed up the completion of the house, so that it can be quickly occupied by the family of the mother @ tailah.bayu.

so in this activity, below, I have prepared some pictures below, let's see them below.

JOB TODAY: DATE. 12 April 2021

below is the work that we do in the house area, because in several stages, in order to be finished, to avoid rainwater that will enter the house, some bricks are arranged at the top.

let's take a look at it below:


The house that is almost finished, we add some other necessities, for example a bathroom and a place to defecate, so that this aid house can have several facilities in the house, below is a picture.

To be continued on: April 14, 2021**

Coinciding with the holy day and month of Ramadan, then, our house construction will continue on the day and date: April 14, 2021.

this is because some workers will carry out their obligations in carrying out the fasting service.

in the next development, pictures and other descriptions, I will post, in the next post.


3 . Details of the Provisional Development Budget
4 . Proof of Purchase - Invoice

Information :

All Cost Details, are in total calculation, and will be notified, in the next post, this is because the construction process is still ongoing . DATE . 14 April 2021

Hello Steemians All, I hope you have seen it, the overall progress in the construction of this house, through the picture above, hopefully in the next few days, this house, is ready to be occupied by our brother @tailah.bayu.

I represent @sultan-aceh and members of the Aceh Team, @WorldOf Xpilar community, to convey thousands of thanks, to those who have supported all of these activities, both in the real world, online, enthusiastic support, and prayers.

Requesting assistance from:

Hopefully this project submission will receive support from all parties.

A big thank you, from me representing the World Of Xpilar Community
who have helped in the form of field workers, during this development, including the people of Cot Murbo Village

This is what I can say, for the time being, ahead of tomorrow's next process. "Date. 14 April 2021"


Responsible Field - Vote from Home - House in Progress
World Of Xpilar community

100% Voting this post to @tailah.bayu

The results of 100% voting on this post will be given to @tailah.bayu and @tailah.bayu, which will be used for the cost of building houses and the purchase of subsequent building materials.

Donation List

New Donations Round Four - Vote For Home - Progress

List - Vote For Home - ProgressSTEEMSBD
1 . @xpilar100-
2 . @dobartim100-
3 . @stephenkendal100-
4 . @hingsten100-

New Donations Round Three - Vote For Home - Progress

List - Vote For Home - ProgressSTEEMSBD
1. @bippe250-
2. @dobartim100-
3. @davidad15-
4. @vipnata10-
5. @muliadi986-

New Donations Round Two - Vote For Home - Progress

List - Vote For Home - ProgressSTEEMSBD
1. @bigpower100-
2. @hingsten100-
3. @stephenkendal100-
4. @xpilar80-
5. @girolamomarotta50-
6. @dobartim50-
7. @jasonmunapasee20-
8. @partner-macro-2
9. @belkanca8.326-
10. @humaidi-1
11. @taillah-1
12. @ajirsalem-1
13. @zubir-steem-1

Donation List

List- Name Days 1STEEMSBD
1. @xpilar-25
2. @dobartim100-
3. @stephenkendal100-
4. @italygame100-
5. @art-venture - @stef1 and @myskye100-
6. @adeljose-7
7. @vipnata20-
8. @worldofxpilar-1.433
9. @jasonmunapasee aceh-team-3
10. @digitals-photo aceh-team-2
11. @digitals-world aceh-team51
12. @adi.pisces aceh-team-2
13. @grisaia-steem aceh-team-2
14. @ummamah aceh-team-2
15. @umar-k aceh-team10-
16. @rafka90 aceh-team-2
17. @partner-macro aceh-team-2
18. @doodleman aceh-team3.486-
19. @belkanca aceh-team-5.066
20. @ammacrophoto aceh-team-2
21. @lensa-macro aceh-team-2
22. @sa1photography aceh-team-1
23. @adivender aceh-team-1
23. @lensaphoto aceh-team-1
24. @sultan-aceh-10

List- Name Days 2STEEMSBD
1. @hingsten154.990-
2. @reflektor-10
3. @bigpower-10
4. @bippe-10

Note :
Donations can be sent to the wallet @sultan-aceh address, and will be sent directly to @taillah.bayu and family.


1Responsible Fields@sultan-aceh
2Treasurer for Development@jasonmunapasee
3Checking Assistance Fund Transactions@grisaia-steem
4Field Inspectors@digitals-photo
5Information and Documentation@adi.pisces
6Implementation withMembers @aceh-team

Development Information

LocationCot Murbo 1 - Kecamatan Kuta Makmur - Aceh Utara
Support@dobartim - @stephenkendal @xpilar and Team Norway
SurveiCommunity @worldofxpilar - @aceh-team and @sultan-aceh



It is very impressive what you have managed in such a short time.
You should all be proud of the work you do for the family @tailah.bayu

I hope that more steemians will support the project by voting for the post and also make a donation if they have an opportunity


hi @xpilar
thank yous so much

I represent the Aceh-team, I am still proud, I can provide energy assistance, so that this house can be finished quickly, local residents have started to glance at what we are working on, making Steem Diaceh's house again, like 4 years ago, you made it and support, several years ago. like making my house.

thank you again xpilar, for your comments, in encouraging us, to this day. :)

Thanks, nice to hear that

@tailah.bayu and my family say Thank you very much @xpilar I am very grateful to all of you who have been there and also for all of you who have supported the construction of my house in any way, and a big thank you to @sultan-aceh who always to the opportunity It' time to visit my house

thank you so much :)

 4 months ago 

For round 5 - I send another 50 Steem

thank you for the continuous support you send, so that this house can be finished quickly @dobartim

 4 months ago 

You are welcome

Greetings friend @sultan-aceh.

Excellent work, I see that you are working very hard to complete the work as quickly as possible, you are seeing an extraordinary result.

Thank you for supporting my friend @tailah.bayu.

@adeljose thanks you very much my brother

Greetings friend @adeljose
Happy to help ...
Because of this, thanks to the help of donations, voices and prayers, as well as the togetherness that exists in the Aceh-Team now, we all want to help make this house finish quickly.

 4 months ago (edited)

I am very happy to see that this house is almost habitable for the family @tailah.bayu,
Hopefully they can be happy with the new house they are going to live in.

Thanks to all who helped make this mah house,Especially to @sultan-aceh, @xpilar, @dobartim, @stephenkendal and to @aceh-team.
And don't forget to say my thanks to @steemcurator01.
And thanks to everyone who helped.

yes I hope it will finish soon @jasonmunapasee :)


Semoga berjalan lancar, dan cepat selesai rumahnya,

ya ...semoga cepat selesai :)

 4 months ago (edited)

Rumah ini lebih mewah dari rumah bantuan pemerintah, dan juga rumah saya hehe.... Sep
mewah tampilan jih, hawa teuh takalen.

Luar biasa, ken cilet-cilet but droneuh bang, kaye yg digunakan pih kualitas terbaik, long angkat topi keu droneuh sebagai wujud apresiasi long keu droneuh bang @sultan-aceh, bagi long droneuh steemian limboi 1 di steemit, yg na jiwa sosial tinggi. Beda dengan steemian laen yang sok, krit lom abudok culok

hehehehe ... sabbbbbar .. bang .
membantu tidak akan membuat sesorang jatuh miskin.

Itulah kata-kata yang selalu saya ingat dari droneuh bang. Maka jih nyan jeut keu spirit bagi long, untuk terus berkarya.

Salam kompak selalu 😊

Hola como estas, que emoción ver que realizastes este maravilloso trabajo en pro de ayudar, usted es una persona que sea ha ganado el cielo, tiene un gran corazón.

yes I hope it will finish soon @fundacorazon :)

Alhamdulillah, saya sangat salut dengan perjuangan [email protected], semoga cepat selesai, dan tidak ada halangan apapun. semoga dengan hati yang ikhlas supaya ada manfaatnya dihari akhirat nanti amin.

yes I hope it will finish soon @lensaphoto :)
thanks to your support too

Bagaimana supaya saya bisa menjadi label aceh-team seperti teman-teman semua.
apa syarat yg harus dilakukan untuk mendapatkan label ke keanggotaan aceh-team tersebut bg @sultan-aceh ? Terimakasih

hi @idayrus
nice to hear that, you want to be our member.
in the World Of Xpilar Community

If it is our community that you choose, when and where, you can meet me at the Coffee shop #originalkopi #sabungbuloh #cunda.

will wait for news from you

Baik bang. Kapan kira2 bisa bertemu bang .. saya juga ingin banyak belajar dengan komunitas ini

malam ini habis tarawih..saya tunggu..

Oke siap bang. Saya datang..
Semoga tidak ada halangan dijalan..
Maaf bg jika datang agak telat dikit soalnya berangkat dari sawang

Saya menemukan komunitas ini di steemauto sekitar beberapa hari yang lalu, dan saya mencoba cari di steemit, akhirnya saya tertarik ingin mengikuti komunitas xpilar ini. Jika memang boleh bertemu , kapan abang ada di #originalkopi . atau boleh minta kontak langsung untuk bisa saya hubungi jika saya pergi ke sana .
Ini wa saya jika berkenan abg hubungi 082362636691

terima kasih atas infonya ... memang banyak yang minta gabung bang
kami semua menerima dengan iklas, tapi banyak yang memanfaatkan dukungan yang diberikan ... terus lari ... alias banyak alasan, ..ngak sanggup cari gambar lah ...mau istirahat lah ... curi uang lah... inilah... itulah..ujung ujungnya Power Down ... udah habis Steem Power ... main lagi ... dengan cerita sedih sedih .. biar dikasihani .... nyan model.

maka ...saya katakan, apakah sudah sesuai Komunitas kami yang anda pilih.. jika sudah, alhamdulillah.

wasssalam.... sultan-aceh

Insyaallah saya siap dengan komunitas ini bang.
Soalnya saya memang hobi bagian Photography. Lagipula hari ini baru saja saya pesan lensa macro untuk pengambil gambar.
Jika memang saya di izinkan bergabung .. saya datang sekarang ke simpang buloh tempat abg bilang tadi ..
Bagaimana bang. Apakah di izinkan ? Terimaksih banyak bg @sultan-aceh

Pekerjaan yg sangat bagus.
Saya salut kepada @sultan-Aceh
yang begitu semangat. bekerja keras

It's good that despite the adversities you can see your project almost ready.

You really have a beautiful heart and I know that God is looking at your good works.

I wish you very much success and blessings🙏❤️

hi @Stefanycaldera
glad to hear
just happy to help others.

thank you for your prayer

Tekat, niat dan kerja keras pasti akan membuahkan hasil yang sempurna, semoga saja rumah ini segera terselesaikan, @sultan-aceh tetap semangat 💪💪💪

tentu semangat .... bang @adi.pisces
singoh tajak lom ok

Insyaallah bang 👍👍👍

This is a massive achievement for the steemit family. Thank you daddy @sultan-aceh for this charismatic project. Many thanks to all the donors you can NEVER ran dry. Steem on and keep inspiring the world.

yes .. donors and voice support, very influential, in the construction of this house, hopefully it will finish quickly.

thank you so much ok

You lead we fellow. @sultan-aceh when the house is fully constructed we all shall sing the songs of victory. #victoryahead

@sultan-aceh, Impressive progress!
I read with great pleasure your post about building a house for a friend. The house is almost ready, finishing work has begun.
I like the decoration for the front door, its beautiful.
What color do you want to paint the house, have you already decided?
Thanks for your magnificent job!

thank you so much @vipnata
I am only a direct contact in the field.
thanks to generous donations and courageous steem promoters, in supporting success. to get a house, to the citizens who deserve it.

yes .. there is definitely a beautiful color
color is still a secret ... hehehhe
just wanted to make a surprise :)

@sultan-aceh, thank you very much for your answer.
I know that you and your team are working hard until late at night.
Be healthy! looking forward to your next post.
I get a lot of joy and pleasure when I read your posts.

Thank You so much @vipnata
have a nice day there with your family :)

 4 months ago 

Very interested and must be appreciated.thnks

thank you so much @adikhen1

 4 months ago 


jeut... mandum jeut

Your efforts, commitment and dedication made us to finally come to realize that there is only one ‘race’ – the human race – and that we are all members of it.” let me once again congratulate @sultan-aceh @dobartim and the entire members.
Thank you for leading by example.

thank you so much @mreasy :)

 4 months ago 

Keep the good work continue @sultan-aceh
i am delighted to support this project with jcar voting support...



jcar voting support ... wooow
than you ok :)
glad to help @davidad

 4 months ago 

Did you get my mail..?


You are welcome.

kita doakan selesai secepatnya

ya ... sama- sama
terima kasih atas doannya

Sempurna, niat membantu dan kerja keras akan menghasilkan kerja akhir yang sempurna. Teruslah menunjukkan hal-hal yang positif di sini untuk bisa menjadi motivasi untuk semua orang.

Selalu akan membuat termotivasi .. hanya tinggal menunggu waktu,
mereka akan terbuka hatinya ... untuk bersatu dalam membantu.

Amin bang, semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar bang dan selalu di beri kemudahan di bulan suci Ramadhan ini oleg ALLAH SWT. Sehat selalu bang...salam

Alhamdulillah luar biasa kerja keras bg @sultan-aceh semoga berjalan dengan lancar semoga ke depan bisa membantu lagi kepada mereka yang membutuhkan uluran tangan bg @sultan-aceh

Right from the day I joined this community I have always known @xpilar and @sultan-aceh for there kindness, commitment and above all there good deeds. You guys are really amazing ❤️

Good jobs @sultan-aceh. You are the best.

Wow impressive. A very outstanding campaign. Thumbs up.

Wow, usted me tiene asombrada por tan hermosa labor social que realizo, lo felicito y se debe sentir feliz en su corazón porque ayudo a alguien que lo necesitaba.

Va a recibir muchas bendiciones por este hermoso gesto porque Dios lo va a recompensar.

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Asombroso, poco a poco avanzando, con amor y dedicación se logran las cosas. Construir casas para convertirlas en hogares 💖 es un logro para todos en Steemit. Saludos y un fuerte abrazo.

Sigan con el buen trabajo, continúen @ sultan-aceh,
estoy encantado de apoyar este proyecto con el apoyo de votación de jcar ... hermosa casa buena ayuda y todo esta lindo siga asi adelnate muy hermosa su gestion me encanta



Alhamdulillah, dengan sepenuh hati dan rasa syukur,

Dengan kebaikan hati dari para anggota tim Aceh,dan dengan kesabaran @sultan-aceh akhirnya rumah saudara kita hampir selesai,

Salam untuk semua anggota world of xpilar dan juga bersama aceh-team salam dari kami @xpilar dan @sultan-aceh Beserta yang lainnya,salam dari kami semua