The beauty of two small mushrooms on dry bark in Aceh Forest

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Two Small Mushrooms on Dry Bark

Today, all of you will see again the beauty of two small mushrooms on dry bark, which I took a photo in the aceh forest, these two small mushrooms are precisely on the dried bark, but because this type of mushroom is one type that grows very much around the ground, some of which was buried half-covered in the ground, so some I found to have grown beautifully behind the many bushes.

I shot this type of mushroom using a lens that I modified, so actually this type of mushroom is very small, so I took a photo of it so that it looks medium size, slightly enlarged. as you can see, that's the color and shape of the original in the picture, by utilizing a little background light effect in the morning, it will look like in the picture below of course.

some pictures that you may not have seen before, so, this Sunday, when you are on vacation in your country, you can see it with your family wherever you are.

let's see it below :











that's what I can convey to all of you, I hope you enjoy seeing it, don't forget to leave your good comments below, which can bring benefits to all, who have seen my blog post.

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Macro PhotographyMushroom Beauty
Camera usedHandphone
LensaLens Bong - Modifikasi Macro
Location PhotoAceh Forest
By MacroPhotography@sultan-aceh



Good photography, greetings 🌱

Oh .... very beautiful pictures of mushrooms!

wow I saw another mushroom supermacro that was so extraordinary from you @sultan-aceh making people always amazed by you when they saw the mushroom post you showed.

Mungkin perlu ditambahkan penjelasan apakah jamur ini bisa dimakan atau tidak

Sepertinya tidak bisa di makan. Yang bisa di makan jamur yang tumbuh di jerami dan pohon pisang atau jamur yang di budidayakan

Ok. Terima kasih infonya.

Jamur yang sangat indah. Dan sangat kecil. Tetapi karena teknik foto sudah sangat indah nampaknya

I am glad to watch your shared your beautiful photography on mushrooms When I am alone w/ my romantic pretty
Wife on the top of joy at our almost peak on the silver lining clouds nine:) I hope you
enjoyed in capturing those mushroom 🍄

Jamur ini terlihat seperti kakak adik yang sedang bermain, luar biasa pengambilan gambarnya bang. Keren.

sangat indah adun... na hujeun di sinan..?

[WhereIn Android] (

We also took pictures of mushrooms. Don't want to be easy. Editing again also distorts the original color and shape. In fact, there is a lot to know. The pictures were taken with a lot of good ideas. Thanks.

This photography is very special to me.

how are you dear friend @sultan-aceh good day
the varieties of mushrooms that are there is surprising, congratulations excellent shots
I take this opportunity to wish you a happy start to the week

It is something similar to the above, thanks for sharing.

Awesome shots as always 😍 beautiful nature!

Mushrooms on dry bark post is so nice that's share to us.
Thank you very much.

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