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RE: Dreams often become just dreams, but sometimes the dreams come true and it is possible in the steem blockchain

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 months ago

greetings @xpilar

Really appreciate your efforts, in helping me and other steemians, especially in Indonesia-Aceh. yes ... your ideas have come and are present in aceh for the first in the world Steem Blokchain Steem Community. #steemit .com.

Hopefully you will get support from Team #steemit @steemcurator01 @steemit, through the Real Program "Steem Big Family in Indonesia - Aceh" in the @Xplar Community, and get support from Community Users who have long joined, in the World Of Xpilar Community.


Hilsen @sultan-aceh


Saya sangat mendukung langkah anda, semoga ini mendapatkan perhatian dari tim Steemit.

Hi @sultan-aceh

It is a pleasure to promote you and your work in the Steem community

Please follow me. İ am new in steemit. 😊

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