Have Made Purchase 1 | The Needs for Mushalla and Al-Qariah Children's Education Center

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Have Made Purchase
The Needs for Mushalla and Al-Qariah Children's Education Center

Tonight I will show gratitude for the purchase of materials, which will be used for, Al-Qariah Mushalla and Children's Education Center, in a very remote village, namely village Buket, Dusun Cot Kiro.

In this case, in fact, it is the togetherness and cohesiveness of the villagers and hamlets, achieving what they want, hoping that all of this, they can use for the future, because this is the place, which will make this community, become united in a big family, until become a place of Learning for Children's Education, so that they get a place and proper, to food facilities, seats, air conditioners, brooms etc.

Residents and young children, now they have it, and are supported by the Steem Blockchain at "www.steemit.com", which collected all steem users in the first Big Community, which is supported by the WORLD OF XPILAR Community.

As we know, that steemit and steem, not only a place to make money and a place to invest, but, support for humanity and citizens in need as well, is highly appreciated in this steemit blockchain steem. Vote support is greatly appreciated, even though we are only writing for the whole. However, this assistance, of course, is for the right people, through the main #promo-steem mushroom in the previous year in this village and in this hamlet.

The hope that can be seen, from the smiles of the residents here, hopefully, what we have provided, will increase the enthusiasm of the people here. with what we will provide of course until the future.

I have purchased some materials and the purchase invoice is also attached. I am @sultan-aceh, representing the Steem Blockchain Community of World Of Xpilar, and we will see it together below.

Let's see it below :

Electric Fan






Glass Cups And Glass Plates
Broom Rubber Broom





Smooth Velvet Carpet



as you can see above, that's all the items that have been purchased, however, there is 1 material purchased in the next hold and will be adjusted to the remaining costs obtained later by donation, post results and directly.

After this post, there will be 1 more post, in the Submission of Purchased Materials above, which will be submitted directly to local residents and witnessed by the community and Steem users.

below, you can see, the results that have been obtained as well as the total results of the total receipts, which I have broken down into several sections below.

Donation List

1. @xpilar50-
2. @steem-supporter50-
3. @the10050-



Total Steem and Post Helps

1. @xpilar50-
2. @steem-supporter50-
3. @the10050-
4. Post12.3984.177

Estimated Total Steem and Posting
With Indonesian Currency

IDR . 1.509.111

Note :
Purchases of Steem and Sbd were purchased by @sultan-aceh at the highest prices directly, to cover this need as a whole.

100% Voting this post, to :
Surprise Promo Steem Gebyar Gempita 2022
From the WORLDOFXPILAR Community
for the local community in the Buket
in the hamlet of Cot Kiro

Sponsor No.1

  • Team Steemit "Voice support"
  • Team Norway "Voice support"
  • Aceh-Team Member "Voice and Real support"
  • Whole Post Voters
  • User Steem "Voice support"

On behalf of the @WorldOfXpilar community and members of the @aceh-team and I @sultan-aceh, I would like to express my gratitude to those who have supported this procurement activity, both in the real world, online, with enthusiastic support and in prayer.

A big thank you from me on behalf of the World Of Xpilar Community


@xpilar and @sultan-aceh



100% voice support from our trail 😊

Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail

https://steemit.com/~witnesses vote xpilar.witness

THANK YOU SUPPORT This Post @worldofxpilar 😊😊

 4 months ago 

The truth is that the steemit world never ceases to amaze me with so much gratitude and support that you find to generate benefits in the real world for those most in need, all collaborators deserve the kingdom of heaven and a lot of health so that they continue working as a team to to continue advancing in this great project, to see the needs of others is to do well, this world needs people with big hearts and perseverance to achieve what is scheduled!

Greetings and success!

Thanks for your comment @lanegra2804 😊

happy to read your comments, what I did was not much, I was the poorest and most difficult person before knowing Steemit, this is not known to everyone who has known me. The first person to notice this was @xpilar. so, what we are doing is benefiting many people.

this is the great thing about steem blockchain steemit.com 😊😊

 4 months ago 

I'm glad that you appreciate the opportunities you found at @xpilar, they also know that you work hard to earn it, I sincerely hope that this project continues to grow for children and adults who need it!


It's amazing what the WOX OF XPILAR community has done, especially @aceh-team for the Al-Qariah Mosque, hopefully they can use all of this well.

Terima kasih atas dukungan anda selama ini selama di Komunitsa WOX @zacky17
senang mengenal anda di Steem Blockchain WOX-Local ACEH-TEAM

 4 months ago 

We can see the extraordinary effect with the establishment of the Al-Qariah prayer room for children's education. Housing around the Al-Qariah complex has also increased and it is easier for local residents to worship. Great appreciation to @sultan-aceh for this great program!.🙏👍

Terima kasih atas dukungan anda selama ini selama di Komunitsa WOX @adivender
senang mengenal anda telah menjadi WOX Dolphin, di Steem Blockchain WOX- dan berkerja sama dengan Local ACEH-TEAM selama ini.

 4 months ago 

Saya juga bahagia berada di sini bang, thanks juga atas dukungan dan perhatian nya selama ini. 🙏👌

thank you to the sultan of aceh for making a prayer room in the village of Bouquet and thank you also to the sultan of aceh for providing the necessities for our prayer room, hopefully it will be a blessing amen

Thanks for your comment @master-house 😊
glad to know that you have become a member of Local ACEH-TEAM, on the Steem Blockchain WOX and have always collaborated with other members so far. 👌

thank you very much, especially to the sultan of Aceh, who continues to care about the sustainability, operation of the prayer room, and the sustainability of children's education, also thanks to all the sponsors who have made donations, hopefully this program will continue, which..finally able to produce intelligent children, useful for religion, nation and state, here also hope that the members of the Aceh team are always united, to achieve a goal. Thanks also to expilar. .

Thanks for your comment @village-ucup 😊
nice to know you, and you are also a community leader in this village. it is our pride that you become a member of the Local ACEH-TEAM, on the Steem Blockchain WOX and always cooperate with other members so far. 👌

Luar biasa,
Sangat bermanfaat bagi masyarakat

terima kasih atas komentar anda @jack08

Semoga aceh-team semakin sukses 🤲

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