Buildings built with STEEM-STEEMIT || Mushalla Al-Qariah in Aceh Year 2022

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Condition 1 year ago : Date : 15-08-2021

Buildings built with STEEM-STEEMIT

This is the past that is full of memories with the residents of Bouquet Village and thanks to the cooperation and mutual support, from:

  • Steemit Team
  • @steemitblog
  • @steemcurator01
  • Worldofxpilar Community
  • Aceh-Team
  • Steem Blockchain Community
  • All steem investors
  • All Steem users

So, a Mushalla is completed until it is formed like the picture above and the picture below:

Kondisi 1 tahun yang lalu : Tanggal : 15-08-2021

Mushalla Al-Qariah

In this area, many surrounding communities, to the people we hire, to build this Mushalla, we have become part of the family, which basically, the surrounding community, does not know anything about the World of Steem and Steemit, however, a Family Steem Blockchain Steem "Aceh-Team" in this area, was once a Real Witness, in our daily life together, looking for pictures together, eating together, smiling together, helping each other, hand in hand, each other.

Finally the Al-Qariah Mushalla was finished, sometimes money became an obstacle in building a small community's dream, but 1 year ago, the dream of the Cot Kiro Hamlet community, which only has 8 heads of families, has now increased to 19 families, thanks to the construction of the mosque This is "Info imum Mushalla Al-Qariah". has become a reality.

Alqariah Mosque Location Map

This Al-Qariah Mushalla, has a travel route as shown in the image below, with the help of Google Maps, we can see the distance between the mushrooms that we will travel, in order to get to this location, let's see it below:

Alqariah Mosque Location Map

as you can see above, its exact position on the map, the existence of the Al-Qariah Mosque, which was raised using Steem has been completed.

At the time of the first construction, hereby, still led by Geuchik Ali, until now, he too, is still in charge of this village, which we can identify the person below.

Head of Bouquet Village "Keuchik"

Even the construction of this building, thanks to the giving of the community's land in this village, represented by the village leader, the mosque building and the place for children's education were also completed.

The basis of Waqf Land given by local residents "Yah Ferry"

Current Situation

Below, we can see together, the condition of the prayer room and this child's education place, is still standing firmly, as in the picture below, let's look at the picture:

Current Condition Date: 04-04-2022

in the picture we can see, only some of the paint is slightly faded, but in other parts, it is still standing strong, as in the picture.


The prayer room and the place for children's education, too, have had very good development, you can pay attention to the structure of the management of this place, let's see:



Below, is a list of heads of families, who already exist in this village, with names attached, even this list of names, as well as a list of names, is for the administrators to provide assistance to their own children and to the children of others, who work hand in hand and support each other. please help, provide assistance to others, which they do, once every 1 year in the RAMADHAN event, for the fasting break event in the month of Ramadan. below is the list:


Current Situation in Ramadan

On the first day of breaking the fast, I deliberately made a surprise with the local residents, and I did not inform anyone of my arrival, however, this local resident of Dusun Cot Kiro, welcomed my arrival with several members of the Aceh-Team, who accompanied me, until now.

This welcome, of course I did not waste it, I also welcomed their welcome, by doing several photo shoots together, until they gave me and the aceh-team members a banquet.

although there are some conversations I have with people, who ask me:

Community : Are you Xpilar

I answered, smiling: I am @Sultan-Aceh and I am the envoy of @xpilar, come, to greet the people here.

Community : With a smile Answering .. ooo Alhamdulillah

This area is currently in a rainy weather, so some local people could not come, meet me and other aceh-team members, so, taking turns throughout the day until yesterday, I still came to this village, until finally, I did some friendly meetings while staying in touch with the people of this village, here I met some other Steemians, @figure-village - @designer-steem who is also a resident of this community.

in the picture below, I am with the community and some of the steem users I have recruited in this area, such as :

let's see, how our gathering event with some local people.










as you have seen above, I along with local residents, can still meet and smile together. until now.

Help for the Community
Users of the Mushola and Children's Education Center


After seeing the conditions and situation in the Mushalla and the children's education place above, and you can also see the conditions in the picture below later, thanks to the approval of the @WorldOfXpilar Community Admin @xpilar - a member of @aceh-team, would like to share again, what has been I have so far, both in the form of donations collected in the form of money, steem, sbd, Trx and woxtoken, with the people of this village, so that they can get some items that are suitable for use, by the community, which are not made of plastic, and other materials others, such as:

Pembelian Bahan Dibawah :

  • Plate 2 Dozen
  • 2 Dozen Glass
  • Velvet Carpet
  • 1 fan
  • 3 Sets of Rainwater Collectors
  • Rubber Floor Mop Tool
  • Broom

All of the above materials will be used and installed in this mushalla.

Note :

  • Unit price is still in progress.
  • not yet available at standard price in the store.
  • The unit price will be posted in the next post."Faktur"


For those of you who want to share in realizing the above, then you can make your contribution by commenting below later. hopefully this will come true.

that's my explanation about the Mushalla and the place for children's education that has been built in the village of Buket, the hamlet of Cot Kiro, hopefully, what I have conveyed in this post, becomes an inner bond between users and the community in the real world, it always goes along, while smiling and shaking hands in the future.

On behalf of the @WorldOf Xpilar community and members of the @aceh-team and I @sultan-aceh, I would like to express my gratitude to those who have supported this procurement activity, both in the real world, online, with enthusiastic support, and in prayer.

Request assistance from:

  • Team Steemit
  • steemitblog
  • steemcurator01
  • Team Norway
  • All steem investors
  • All Steem users.

A big thank you from me on behalf of the World Of Xpilar Community



100% Voting this post

for the purchase of the above materials

Donation List

1. @xpilar50-
2. ---
3. ---




Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail


Thank Support @worldofxpilar 😊

 6 months ago 

I support with 50 steem for the purchase of
Plate 2 Dozen
2 Dozen Glass
Velvet Carpet
1 fan
3 Sets of Rainwater Collectors
Rubber Floor Mop Tool

hello @xpilar

thanks for your support again.
very grateful for your 50 Steem posts.
People there, will definitely be happy there. 😊🙏😊

Alhamdulillah, sungguh pekerjaan yang sangat mulia, dan bermanfaat bagi masyarakat di daerah tersbut, semoga amal ibadahnya dapat mengalir kepada para dermawan yang telah membantunya.

Thanks for your comment 😊
I am glad to hear it @asriani 😊

MasyaAllah, Berkah selalu....

Alhamdulillah 😊, thanks to the Al-Qariah Mosque, we were able to worship comfortably during the month of Ramadan and hopefully activities like this can continue in the future, we say thank you very much to all parties involved in supporting the construction and preservation of our prayer room. 🙏

hello @master-dhian
thank you for your support so far, where this building is, which is right next to your house.

very happy, you and your family, always be there with the community. 😊🤲😊

amazing job.
It is activities like this that we must multiply during this blessed month, may we be given continued health to take care of it.😇😇

Hello @diary-macro
thank you for the help of energy, your time so far. in the Mushalla during Ramadan.

 6 months ago 

What a beautiful job, the blessings for all the people involved so that this site is for the education of children, I believe that with everyone's help and effort great projects are achieved, I hope you continue your support in the virtual and face-to-face world, I I imagine the emotion and surprise of seeing him because for them his presence means a lot, great contributions without receiving anything in return, only that this community grows and advances, many successes!

Blessings !

Thanks for your comment @lanegra2804
I am glad to hear it 😊

Alhamdulillah... Kami masyarakat di sini sangat senang dengan pembangunan satu unit musalla ini... Dengan adanya musalla ini. Anak kami bisa belajar baik di sini...

Terimakasih kepada @sultan-Aceh dan @xpilar
Dan kawan kawan semua

Alhamdulillah ... @desainer-steem
Terima kasih atas komentar Anda
amiiin...kami sangat senang mendengarnya, dari kata-kata baik anda yang tulus. 😊🤲😊

It is an extraordinary job to build a prayer room that is very useful for the community, especially during this blessed month, hopefully in the future all of us in the Wox of Xpilar community can build again in villages in need.

Thanks for your comment @zacky17
I am glad to hear it 😊

very noble job.. 👍👍

Thanks for your comment @ceksen 😊
I am glad to hear it

semoga amal dan ibadah selalu mengalir kepada orang orang yang telah membuat mushalla ini, dan mayarakat disana juga bisa merasakan hingga masa anak dan cucu mereka, amiin

Thanks for your comment @master-macro
I am glad to hear it 😊

Great Job Brother

Thanks for your comment @klen.civil
I am glad to hear it 😊🙏😊

 6 months ago (edited)

Very useful for residents who live around the Mushalla. God willing, the reward will continue to flow non-stop to bang @sultan-aceh, as well as all the teams involved in the construction of the Mushalla.

Very inspiring👍👍👍

Thanks for your comment
I am glad to hear it @midiagam

money is not everything to help the community, it comes from friends, relatives, friends, everyone who will need it, we will still help with a sincere heart.

that's the real life I have, now have a brotherhood in the village of bouquet.

It's very noble of heart, bang @sultan-aceh, if only everyone had a good mind and heart like bang
@sultan-aceh, then there were no more people living in hardship on this earth, everyone would live happily. 😊


Saya atas nama perangkat Gampong buket, sekaligus anggota Aceh team memberi apresiasi sebesar-besar kepada seluruh element, terutama steemit, world of expilar, komunitas local Aceh team, serta seluruh donatur yang telah memberikan donasinya, sehingga cita2 dan impian masyarakat dusun cot giro terwujud, dan terimakasih dan apresiasi kepada sultan Aceh, yang terus memberi dukungan yang luar biasa, sehingga aktivitas pendidikan terus berlangsung sampai sekarang.

terima kasih atas komentar anda @village-ucup

semuanya akan indah pada masanya dimasa depan.
Mushalla dan Tempat pendidikan anak " AL-QARIAH" didesa anda, tetap akan mendapat bantuan hingga masa depan. hingga anak cucu masyarakat disana, dapat ditempati secara turun temurun.

 6 months ago 

I could remember this great project!

Keep the with the good maintenance...

Regards hehehe.

hi @davidad
thank you for commenting
nice to hear from you there
I hope you are well there too 😊😊

 6 months ago 

You are welcome Hehe ...😊

 6 months ago 

Thanks am cool... And hopefully you and family too good..

Dear Friend @sultan-aceh.

A year ago, I also felt blessed to have collaborated in this organization. I was also blessed with your exchange cooperation. May this public interest religious institution remain intact till the Day of Judgment. I am praying this in the court of Allah Almighty. Amen.


@mrnazrul From Bangladesh

Mantap bg 😀👍

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