Handover of Purchase Materials 2 | The Needs for Mushalla and Al-Qariah Children's Education Center

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My Trip and Aceh-Team to Mushalla and Children's Education Center

Tonight, on behalf of the WOX Community, I would like to present and show the Documentation of Submission of Purchase of Materials for the Mushalla and Children's Education Center, in the village of Bouquet, in the hamlet of Cot Kiro, North Aceh Regency.

The wheel continues to spin, passing through some beautiful scenery in a peaceful and serene atmosphere, I am several members of the Aceh team who accompany, continue to walk among the natural beauty of the sunrise towards a village, in a beautiful view, you can see it below:


The clock in my hand, keeps turning to a very remote village, to hand over assistance from purchasing, goods needed by the community around the village, where we build a prayer room and a place for children's education, using #steem #sbd and #trx through the www.steemit site. com.

This mushalla, has stood upright as in the following conditions :

even though it's far, however, because I want to convey the mandate from the @xpilar Community admin, to the trust of supporters, and steem users, time is the most valuable place for me to do together, when the sun will begin to be invisible between the wheels that continue to spin into the area. the village I'm going to


People's expectations are of course more important, which we prioritize, and finally, the wheels stopped in a white building.

Residents welcome the arrival of WOX-Local Aceh-Team Members

in rainy conditions, it turns out, the residents have been there, welcomed our arrival, with a sense of emotion, mothers and heads of families, have been waiting for the hope they have wanted all this time, in their eyes, some are touched and some are sad, because they have received what they have always wanted together with the residents who have long lived in the location of this hamlet "Cot Kiro"

below, after all the purchased goods have been unloaded, then, the recipients of the goods that I have purchased, see fellow residents there, which are almost the average, waiting are mothers.

below, steem users can see it below :





Submission of Purchase Materials by WOX Community
This event is at night

After speaking with welcome, the people here, also provide food and soft drinks, to us, with pleasure, we also enjoy it gracefully.

below, I respectfully represent the WOX Community and other users, you can see it, in the Handover of purchased goods, to the community, to the recipient, namely, the local community leader " Dusun Cot Kiro "

below, some of the documentation :

Handover of Electric Fan by @sultan-aceh

Plate and Glass Handover by @village-ucup

Beldu Carpet Handover

Symbolic Handover of Aid from the wife of @sultan-aceh "Al-Quran"

After the handover ceremony, the goods to the Mushalla and the children's education place, we sat together a few hours later, this is because while waiting for the rain to stop.

This is because, if the wind and rain subside, many trees have rotted along the side of the road, often falling and breaking on their own. this is done, so that things we do not want to happen.

After a few hours, the rain stopped, by saying goodbye to the residents, then, next, we headed back to our respective homes."DONE"

below, there are some explanations, about the costs and donation assistance.


Donation List 1

1. @xpilar50-
2. @steem-supporter50-
3. @the10050-



Total Steem and Post Helps

1. @xpilar50-
2. @steem-supporter50-
3. @the10050-
4. Post12.3984.177

Estimated Total Steem and Posting
With Indonesian Currency

IDR . 1.509.111

Note 1:
Purchases of Steem and Sbd were purchased by @sultan-aceh at the highest prices directly, to cover this need as a whole.( The handover event has been completed )

Donation List 2

Especially for Village Children's Education

1. @olesia-25
2. @xpilar50-
3. @steem-supporter50-
4. @the10050-

Estimated Total Steem and Posting
With Indonesian Currency in Coingecko


Note 2 :
Purchases of Steem and Sbd were purchased by @sultan-aceh at the highest prices directly, to cover this need as a whole, for Village Children's Education

100% Voting this post, to :
Surprise Promo Steem Gebyar Gempita 2022
From the WORLDOFXPILAR Community
for the local community in the Buket
in the hamlet of Cot Kiro

What is it.. Don't forget to watch
"Tuday s/d Done, APRIL 26, 2022"

Sponsor No.1

  • Team Steemit "Voice support"
  • Team Norway "Voice support"
  • Aceh-Team Member "Voice and Real support"
  • Whole Post Voters
  • User Steem "Voice support"

On behalf of the @WorldOfXpilar community and members of the @aceh-team and I @sultan-aceh, I would like to express my gratitude to those who have supported this procurement activity, both in the real world, online, with enthusiastic support and in prayer.

A big thank you from me on behalf of the World Of Xpilar Community


@xpilar and @sultan-aceh



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Thank you for the support from the Community for Booming Sounds in this Post @stef1

What an important thing you are doing! Children and everything for the sake of children, this is very important. Children are our future. Can I help you?

Hello @olesia
glad you came to comment, sorry I'm late to reply, because there will be activities tomorrow at the children's education place. yes @olesia
children are our future, they deserve a place they deserve for all.

It's great if your can, can participate in helping. 😊🤝😊

very grateful to you @olesia 😊
for the great support and assistance, which you provided 25,000 SBD. for the children in aceh... i will write in the list above 🤝

Peace, health and happy childhood to your wards children👶🌍🕊️

👶 thank you so much @olesia 👶🌍🕊️

Alhamdulillah, may it be a blessing for all of us

thank you so much

This is a very positive movement that must be done regularly, so that we can help those in need. I really appreciate @sultan-aceh what you do for this community🙏

thank you so much

 4 months ago 

May it bring blessings and goodness to all. And I hope the event on Tuesday afternoon goes smoothly and successfully.

thank you so much

Terimakasih atas bantuannya yang sangat bermanfaat untuk kami.
Karna kami sangat membutuhkan itu semua... Contoh tikar dan kipas angin... Di musim panas kami kurang nyaman. Alhamdulillah sekarang. Di musim panas pun kami merasa sejuk dengan adanya kipas angin.
Terimakasih banyak. Sultan-aceh
Semoga anda di berikan kesehatan.

hallo @desainer-steem
thank the WOX community, supporters, and steem users, because I did this, thanks to their support of course, glad you came to comment here, I hope you are always healthy with your family and residents there.😀😊😊🤝

Hopefully all those involved in this activity are given good health so that they can carry out activities like this in the future.

thank you so much

Alhamdulillah, Pekerjaan yang sangat mulia membangun rumah ibadah.

thank you so much

You're welcome 🙏

Successful struggle always happy

thank you so much


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

thank you so much

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