Wednesday Challenge - Why Now Is The Best Time Ever To Join Steem

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“STEEM - the future is in our hands” by @stef1




Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


While preparing for this contest I decided to make a new painting with the STEEM logo, for that I have chosen Acrylic painting and Sails to create it.

Cryptocurrency is the future and why not form out future ourselves with Steem.


Why to choose Steem:


  • You do not need to have resources in order to buy Steem but you can earn Steem with your creativity and engagement, the formula of success is in your hands.


Why now is the best time to join Steem

You are not alone!


Because now there is a team and you are not alone!

There is a group of structured team members who will support you throughout your start up time:

  1. Steem Greeters will welcome you, the experienced team members will help to identify your strength and guide you to best suitable community and key persons

  2. Social Media Promoter :
    If you have social media account, the Social Media Promoter will help you to promote your Steemit posts there and connect you to other Steemit users

  3. Eight Steemit Community Curators are screening through the Steemit platform constantly to support undervalued users, especially when you are new that is a great support at the early stage

  4. Country Curators will be able to help their country fellow mates with advices and support

  5. Being active and engaged through :

  • Daily diary blogging
  • Taking part in different contests: in different languages, different scopes: Art, Photography, Music, writing
  • Supporting Charities and
  • Just making new friends all over the world and simply having fun
  • All these will make it possible to become a part of New and strong community




All these will make it possible to become a part of New and strong community


That is why it is the best time to join STEEM - the future is in our hands


STEEM: never stop dreaming


Trenner groß.png


My step-by-step process:



Trenner groß.png


Trenner groß.png


Trenner groß.png


The finished painting:



Acrylic painting “STEEM-the future is in our hands” by @stef1

Textured acrylic paper 30x40 cm, paper weight 200 gsm, acrylic colours, flat and round brushes and palette knife


Trenner groß.png





At the end of the post we wanted to give more advertisement to easy service now available on Steemit and Hive, it is easy swap that we used in order to swap Hive to Steem, easy to use and takes just seconds.




Using this new app we POWERED UP our Trial account to 1331.111 Steem Power

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I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)


Trenner groß.png




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Fantastic picture! :)

 last year 

Thank you @jaki01for your great feedback, it is always nice to see the reaction of people when we creative something and to know that it is not only ourselves who find it good :)

Now - Tomorrow -Always STEEM

Love it!

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Thank you @ciska for being EVERYWHERE and supporting the idea of promoting STEEM. I am glad you like the idea and appreciate for stopping by @steemcurator02 :)

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Thank you @worldofxpilar for manual Upvote, it is busy recently but obviously you are everywhere, great initiative and as always you are a hard working person @xpilar, appreciate your support!

Hi @stef1

Thanks for kind words, yes there are many hours of manual upvote. You also do a great job with @steemcurator08.
I like your painting very well, hehe I love sailboats and steem.
Great that you have combined steem logo like the sails in the painting

 last year 

We will do our best!

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The Steemit Team

Great work. Is there a Country Curator for Canada ?

Country Curators will be able to help their country fellow mates with advices and support

Hi @offgridlife you should apply to be a Country Curator for your country Canada if you're from there. The application still open ongoing basis. The program is under STEEM POD project, you can check out the details here

 last year 

Thank you @cryptokannon for taking time and your explanation, while being a part of Steem POD you know the best where to guide @offgridlife

 last year 

Hi @offgridlife, as @cryptokannon mentioned I do not think there is a country curator for Canada, but I also agree if you want to apply you should make a try :)

The list of Why's are a great reasons to be on Steem right now. Now everyone can earn Steem! Thank you for your contribution to the Steem Community. This post would make a great promotional message for steem. Keep steeming!

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Thank you @steemcurator03 for sharing your view too. It is a great time and will be a shame to loose the moment for the users when there is the maximum support ever we have on Steem :)

Hi @stef1, love the painting with your trademark boats. Steemit has improved since the split and is more inclusive and diverse. Thanks for your support 🙏🏽

 last year 

Dear @fleur thank you very much for stopping by and for your nice words. You noticed already my favourite topic that I always come back too. Love Sails and reflections. It is nice to have you around and always enjoy reading your posts!


 last year 

Thank you very much for stopping by and your nice words :)

 last year 

marvelous 👏
upvoted and resteemed

 last year 

Thank you :)

just joined steem and this is the first blog i read! awesome!! thanks for the welcome and the beautiful painting!

 last year 

Thank you, I am glad you like it, there are many opportunities, you can look around, by the way you can look into the blog of @steemingcurators

Great idea with the new picture for this contest as well with the tip on the end of this post to the new app for swapping Hive to Steem I like it ;)

sunny greetings from Andalusia
Don T

 last year 

Thank you @don-t for stopping yes the combination of logo and seascape seems like fitting well together :)
You must have really nice time on Andalusia, sun, sea and nice beach real paradise :)

Looks Great, Fantastic image of steem, Thumbs-up.

 last year 

Thank you for your nice feedback :)

Очень здорово получилась аллюзия на корабли и логотип. Я сначала просматриваю картинки, подумала, что это корабли. Потом заметила логотип Стимита, а потом уже прочитала текст.
Я думала вы пишете только акварелью...а здесь акрил. Ярко и смело! И мне очень нравятся цвета и мазки.

 last year 

Спасибо @veta-less за замечательный комментарий. Я работаю со многими средствами: акриль ис пастель были первыми, акварелью начала недавно. Но нравится работать со всеми, нет любимчиков стреди них :)

Здорово! @stef1 Нужна смелость, чтобы использовать такие разные материалы.
Я много лет занималась китайской живописью, и она для меня очень любима. Но сейчас я полюбила акварель, которой у меня никогда не получалось))) я думала, что я ее ненавижу, когда училась в школе...Сейчас поменяла свое мнение. Пробую учиться писать акварельные работы ) правда темп у меня очень медленный)