The best time for Power Up and use #club5050

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


Some of you probably noticed that new tag #club5050, what the hell is it and why it became so popular?




This is a new Initiative of the Steemit team to reward people who Power Up with extra Upvote from @steemcurator01 and 02





Power Up


Being a user on Steem and in order to become noticeable it is important to have Steem Power.

We all know that if you have little Steem Power like 50, you are invisible you can do original content and absolutely brilliant posts but you will get no Upvote until someone will discover you.

If you have so much Steem Power like one of the famous account on Steemit then you will have many people who will be mentioning you and wanna be your friend




What is the secret:

  • In order to be popular you should increase your Steem Power
  • You can either buy Steem
  • Or you can invest all the payout from your post into Steem Power


Power Up from External Exchange


Until very recently @steem-agora was only one who were supporting with his Upvote users who were moving Steem from external source and were Powering Up.

We have transferred 6500 Steem from external exchange and Powered Up @stef1 account.


Convert your Payout Steem and SBD into Steem Power


Why this Initiative started, we all see that there are some users who receiving big Upvote for their posts from Steemcurator Accounts and @booming accounts and what they do, they send the liquid Steem or SBD to external exchange and withdraw Steem. Their own account remain of the same Steem Power and they are still weak and dependent on curation support.

With Initiative of #club5050 the STeemit Team rewards people who invest and that is something that we all were waiting for very long time. It is a good time to reward the people who keep investing their own finance into Steem.


@stef1 Power Up statistic


This is the snapshot from our wallet, during last 4 days we Powered up all our Payout and converted SBD into Steem Power that allow up to Power UP 767,778 Steem

  • 290,554 Steem to Steem Power on 12/10/21
  • 388,964Steem to Steem Power on 10/10/21
  • 88,260 Steem to Steem Poweron 08/10/21







Who knows how long this Initiative will last, therefore, users please use this chance and Power Up use the tag #club5050 and get stronger!




As always, @stef1 and @myskye


Trenner groß.png



CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png




Thank you for the post @stef1.


Thank you for this great gesture, it give a lot of opportunity for users to grow.

I participated twice in #club5050 but no response. I think it's for selected persons.

 2 years ago 

For a long time I transferred all my earnings to SP and I intend to continue to do so in the future. Great initiative, I hope it will help me become a big fish in our ocean :)
Thanks for the informative post @stef1!

Thank you @bambuka for reading, yes, at least if people know that when powering up they are seen and supported that will motivate many to do so. :)

This idea is nice and great. And will surely make the Steemit price go up in the market.
If am opportuned to get votes I'll do well to power up.

Important is that this will make other people interested and users to be more active :)

Power it up i say


Yup, let's push up!

I too am going to do powerup as soon as I have some sbd to change in Steem!
But is it possible that some users have not understood that you need to increase your Power Up first?

Once people get some payout that should be transferred to Steem Power and that will help people to grow.

very good education sir, I believe steem will be a future investment asset. let's support this great idea, we really support #club5050 🤝💪💪💪

Steem has good potential but not fully used.

true, I view Steem as a future investment asset.

 2 years ago (edited)

JustWhen I saw first saw this post made by @ngoenyi I was beginning to wonder what it is all about but after going through the post and her explanation was very well understood I accept this great opportunity. And am all in, though i never do this powering up stuff😃

Steem moving to the moon

I am glad that this post made it easy to understand, hope many people will follow our example :)

 2 years ago 

Yes, for sure💯

 2 years ago (edited)


I'm doing this great thing my friend, as a beginner in steemit I want to strengthen my account and hopefully it can be useful for everyone. I really support this kind of performance @stef1.

I am glad that you decided to grow your Steem Power.

Thank you for your support, friends, I really want my account to be useful for others by strengthening my account power. I have resteemed this post so that more people know about it. Regards @stef1

Thanks for the tip @stef1. I actually have been thinking of this and been powering up all my rewards recently but it's quite slow...I guess this would help.
Thanks once again for the tip.

Yes, use this chance, because it is new Initiative that will be well supported. It is always important to be in right place at right time :)

True, I'll watch out.... Thanks once again..

 2 years ago 

And every 1st of the month we run one of the only community sponsored power up event



The combination of both might give more chance for users to increase their chances of good upvotes!

Will it be possible to include that tag on #spud4steem day?

#affable #venezuela

 2 years ago 

Yeah why not :)

Will it be possible to include that tag on #spud4steem day?

#affable #venezuela

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