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RE: A Better Life with Steem

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Thank you for reading and your feedback. I think on and off we have to let people know that the life is not so bad like some people may think. Blogging in Steemit is like living in the real life, communication and building up relationship is essential.

I think what is failing nowadays that the "old" generation accounts need to show their presence, many are still there but somehow there is a cliff between new and old. Do you also have such impression?


Yes there is a big gap between a few very big accounts and the mass of the community.

We are hoping a whole new generation of dolphins and orcas will develop to fill the gap.

This is one of the reasons we are pushing on giving more votes to those powering up their posts.

We see our large curation efforts as a hopefully short/medium term 'economic stimulus package' - rather than a long term fixture.

Some communities and countries are beginning to understand this - others not so much.

Thank you

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