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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


Today I wanted to write some of my thoughts about Seem and share with you how we can reach better life with Steem.

I hope with this post many of new users who recently joined the Steem blockchain may understand that it is not the place where you immediately earn a lot of Steem just because you joined it. No, it is a place that rewards you but you have to put a lot of efforts and time in order to get through and establish yourself on Steem.


Have an idea and work hard if you want to succeed


Let’t go to the beginning I wanted to tell you about our project @art-venture, it was created in 2017 when we saw that Artists on Steem undervalued and we wanted to create a space where we could showcase them.

If you are from beginning on Steem you know that there was a project @fundation that was giving delegation to new projects as well as continuous upvotes for those. When we applied for support of Art and asked for delegation it was then rejected.

We had nothing else as to refer to Steemians in open post and received Delegations from our friends:


It might be difficult to believe but this is how it was looking our magazine posts:




But one day we have this message under our post




Those words were like the prophecy and looking into future. @xpilar saw the potential success of the project as well as @slowwalker both became our supporters and you can see where we are now


Trenner groß.png


Why I am talking about that now?


In my opinion, now it is the best time for the users to build up their blogs and Steem Power. You may ask how:

In the past we all had to work ourselves posting with the hope that some “whales”, “dolphins” or curation projects will notice our post. There were no guarantee that someone will visit our posts and we could not call someone and say:

“you have not visited my post and it is going to expire”

I think if we had such opportunity we would be really happy.


Trenner groß.png


There are so many chances for you Newcomers and all users in general to receive an upvote from multiple curation accounts if you:

  • As newcomer go through the newcome achievements organized by Steem Greeters with availability of disord.
  • Users have their country representatives who they can approach to get guided in the appropriate communities
  • How take part in contests, that will help users to be visible for others and to be a part on that community who is running contest
  • Daily posting for example your daily routine as Diary post, that definitely will be visited by Steemcurator accounts
  • Now in October there are Cryptochallenge with daily high upvotes for good quality posts


Look at all these opportunity and tell is it not a great time for users of Steem to build up their accounts, their Steem Power and to make friends.


Why the Steemit Team is supporting the users


We may all think why the Steemit Team is supporting people and their communities with upvotes and encourage for 100% Power Up and not to do Power Down?

We all here on Steem because we hope that the price of Steem will go up at least to 1$ per Steem and we all benefit from it. We need more users with stable, firm and relatively independent accounts. So that we can support each other, our friends and community members and not only to wait until @steemcurator01 will come with his Upvote.

If people will do Power Down then the account will remain weak and the price of Steem will not get up.

Of course for those of us who are on Steem just for blogging and not financially dependent that is probably easy to say. But the others who joined Steem for financial reason may not feel comfortable with that as they need Steem for their living.

Many established users on Steem platform unfortunately have moved to Hive, but that is past and now those of us who still decided to remain have to try to do our best and support those who are still here. Again it will take some time till these accounts will grow and get stronger.

The users should not forget that we all need support of each other too. Sometimes when I see that some users Upvote Power is above 90% that makes me surprise why those users are not using they Upvote Power. It will be recharged in 24 hours.

Our Upvote Power is most of the days between 76-86% because there are so many of you who we upvote and usually we give our 100% which is not really much but that is all we have.


How you can contribute to the strong future with Steem


Users if you really want to have strong Steem blockchain and to have more people joining the platform, then:

  • be active: upvote bloggers if you like their posts
  • do not leave your Upvote Power not used
  • Comment the people whose posts you find interesting so that they feel that someone there reading their posts
  • Build up your Steem Power- it is good time and enough support users around you.




We wish you all the best and strive to your goal!



I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)


Trenner groß.png


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



 3 years ago (edited)

Great post that makes many people understand steem and steemit in a different way. Many of us chose to stay here and fight for steem during the split and today I see that several old accounts come to life again. It warms my steem heart.
Steem is about to be reported healthy, we can breathe here again and give others an opportunity as well.
Something really good came out of the split, we got steemit team @steemcurator01 who do something for the whole steem community and that we were allowed to commune with them. And that they started great competitions that the members really joined for the benefit of many .

The joy can be greater if everyone understands what you have written over here and that those who have the opportunity to increase their steem power and again they also have the strength to help with their friends' posts. Growing together is a win-win situation. To all of you who are not dependent on slaying steem directly for money, rather build up your Steem Power and let those of you vote with the joy of an upvote.

and remember that STEEM POWER increases at an APR of approximately 4.35%, subject to blockchain variance. See FAQ for details.

took me the freedom to "pinned" the post and hope many will read it

It is an interesting thing to learn something new. I can remember us joining first time and knowing nothing how it functions and how to contact people. It was like just sitting there and waiting till someone comes and says: Hi.

I can imagine that new people maybe feel the same. That is why this post has an intention to show that everything is alive here people are around and they are happy to communicate. Being active makes a lot of change to the users, gives a face behind the account and gives a voice.

Hopefully it will help a bit to new people to understand that it is a hard work too to get through and they need to see that there is light at the end if they put their best.

Same like you I believe if we build up our Steem Power we will less depend on curation trials and will be able to support people around more.

I am grateful for you to take time and leave such comment. Once again this is different time now, in the past I have never read such reassuring comments from any "whales" or "orcas" (hope the new users will also understand what I am talking here), that is why I appreciate you for your feedback.

Thank you for pinning up :)

Tengo dos años y unos meses y comparto contigo la realidad anterior de steemit. incluso, par los recién llegados es una buena oportunidad que hace dos años era muy difícil, el post que mas me votaron no tenia ni 0,3 centavos. ahora es el momento

Hi @sharifanamin thank you for your feedback, it was good to hear your experience too. I think there are many who now got active and found their stimulus for posting. Especially knowing that there are people who are reading them and you hear some the reaction to the content of the post. Nice to have you here :)

Exactamente su post me inspiro en escribir mi experiencia en una vida mejor con steemit y colocar algunos captures de hace dos años y los de ahora. Me voy a poner en eso. gracias por responder. claro mi post no tendra tanto auge como el suyo pero siempre alguien lo leerá

I fully understand what you express in these lines, I have been on the platform for two years and I know how difficult things were before. I was inactive for a long time on the platform because I felt demotivated for not receiving support from anyone until I found out about all the changes that were happening in favor of the user.

In my case it is difficult to leave my publications to power since I depend to a great extent economically on Steemit but if I try to be active on the platform, bring new users, help those who are already there and visit and vote on the posts of others so that they know they are not alone.

Good story and the successes continue!

Thank you @luiyi-22 for joining the post and it is nice to hear your opinion. It is understandable that in such situation like you that must be difficult to decide to power up or to spend some something that you really need. I would be of course on your side.
Engagement and cheering up others may make others to motivate to stay and power up if they can :)

I wholeheartedly agree with everything you stated in this post.

I wholeheartedly
Agree with everything you
Stated in this post.

                 - cryptokannon

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you @cryptokannon for your feedback, especially knowing how busy you are with many projects that you and your team run. It is a pleasure to see that you are sharing my thoughts too :)

This is an amazing article @stef1. I think it will be a strong motivator for all newcomers. I also see steem as a way of life and I am building it for the foreseeable future.

I think the problem is that some of the recruiters promise upvotes to their new recruits. If they really broke it down like you did here in yiur article, i think the number of active steemians here would soar. Thank you for this.

Thank you for your thoughts and support. It is great to have such people like you on board, motivated and wanting to break through. I also think that you are doing a great job supporting others, we all have the same goal and hope others will think the same :)

Hi @stef1
That’s a pretty piece of work!
I agree with you 100% that Steemit is very alive, vibrant and growing. The support from Steemit Inc for the community is amazing. The multiple programs you named promote Recruitment, Rewards and Retention.

The focus now on powering up Steempower is definitely best for all users who can afford it in the longterm. The ability of our networks of friends, followers and admirers to upvote our posts and help make our posts more valuable can’t be understated.

It’s a great time to be active on Steemit and I am glad we are growing with both new members and old members returning to actively post, upvote and comment.

Thank you for this post.

Thank you for supporting my view :)

Hello @Stef1 very good your publication, steemit has given us a lot and it is time to give back a little all the good that we have obtained through this platform. Certainly there are those who depend on this and I don't blame them, not all of us can live in a country with an excellent quality of life, but those of us who can keep our account stable should do so.

Thank you for reading and appreciate for sharing your view too. We are sharing the same view and it is really nice to have you on our side :)

Thank you very much for your tips!

You are welcome :)

Our Upvote Power is most of the days between 76-86% because there are so many of you who we upvote and usually we give our 100% which is not really much but that is all we have.

in fact sharing wealth or caring for one another is beautiful !!

thanks for this wonderful blog 💗

Thank you for reading and nice to hear your opinion :)

Yes, completely agree.

We all and newcomers are getting great support from the Steemit team which was not the case earlier which I learned. We all are really trying hard to help newcomers to understand the Steem ecosystem and trying our level best to grow the community.

Nice post.

Thank you @neerajkr03 for leaving your notes and it is valuable to hear your opinion. I also noticed you lately seeing your comments under many different posts. I like the way of your communication that gives me an impression that there is someone who really engages. As part of Steem POD you are doing great job!

You’re welcome @stef1.

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