Pizza Sunday

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Hello dear Steemians,


Despite of Sunday today I had some working hours but nevertheless I did not want to break our tradition of Pizza Sunday. That is why I said even when I am back from work I was still willing to make Pizza. Luckily, we had such wonderful warm sunny day and it was much light in kitchen.

For Pizza we had all ingredients, the main of them Tuna, which is already prepared with chili and garlic and the other one is Mushrooms. They were very delicious and for your some photos.





Very simple stuff for tough that is really quick to prepare and let it lie for half an hour and during this time preparing and cutting all the stuff you want to have in your Pizza.







Here are two Pizzas are ready for cooker







After 15 min they turn golden colour and ready for eat.



CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



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Looks yummy, had pizza yesterday so it was beef today :)

Have oyu also home-made Pizza or is there any favourite place where you order it?

Well im guilty on pizza from the store usually, but i like to make from scratch when i get my self to do it :p

When we are in Germany we usually order Pizza they are really delicious :)

Its many years since i have been there, but i love the most the italian style. We got a local takeaway that's is awesome good, so occasionally that one :)

We usually buy pizza over and not make them, they are also expensive to be had but is really delicious.

Your pizza creation there looks truly sumptuous. 😋

Over here in UK Pizza is too fatty and the dough is thick, when doing it at home, we know what we put and how thin to make a dough :)

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What an interesting recipe!!! Are those pickles??! And Tuna? Tuna pizza? These are new flavours for me. <3

Yes I add pickles, just because it gives slightly salty taste and tuna yes it is already in can mixed with chili and garlic, I love this one :)

 2 months ago 

Technically, any ingredient is allowed on a pizza, and the toppings are regional. I just have never heard of this type of topping. Where I live, it is common to use toppings like bacon, ham, and pineapple. Pepperoni and mushroom is another popular choice. Salami is also popular. Lately, I have seen chicken with ranch salad dressing.

it makes my stomach having butterflies in it @stef1. so delicious

Yes, that is very delicious :)

 2 months ago 

It looks very delicious indeed!

We still have some left for today, even on the following day they are delicious :)

Hi. It has been ages ago I was here.
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