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VHK hospital



Hello my dear Steemians,


Last three days were very busy due to my long day shifts. This time I have Friday to Monday 8-20:30 , we have 12,5 hours in a small team and covering surgical unit.

It is hard when the weather after having cold and rainy day finally turns in sunny and warm days. Everything is looking green and finally we can wear more or less spring and summer clothes.

Those days time passes very quickly, often there is no time for lunch so we just grab small snack between doing many things. For me this month is also when I am trying not to overdo with some sweets and carbs. At works it can happen easy that instead of having some proper food we just have some biscuits or sweets that are quick and easy, but that is a reason why then I often feel bad about my weakness to sweets.

It is heading to summer that is why many try to get healthier and loose some weight for summer clothes and so for me.

Our three long days now over and we have Monday, one more long shift, but then three 9,5 hours days, so it is 7 working days, one of the toughest shift pattern.



VHK hospital


Here is the popular place for some hot and cold drinks and snacks between our work, it is not only popular for staff but patients.

So another shift, I will have more time for writing from Tuesday on. Wishing you nice weekend.



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You must have really had a very busy schedule in the last few days. Hope you are also having time to rest and take time to watch your health

The week was busy but it is till few days to go till days off :)

Hello friend, it must not be easy to work for so many hours.
Eating so lightly is good but not all the time, I die for sweets, they are very tasty.

Greetings friend, I wish you a happy day. 🙋‍♀️🙏🏽

Yes, three long days are okay but four are too much, still the time flies often we feel that we are tired only when we finished our shifts :)

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