I love Italy: The country of Art, Beauty and Love

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Venice-Sunset by @stef1




Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


Today I wanted to take part in the Contest and with my example I would like to invite everyone who also like me can say:


I love Italy.


Here is the link to the official contest:




Trenner groß.png


My post I decided to do with showcase of Artworks that was inspired by this beautiful country and their famous people, there are so many things we could tell about Italy and it is not possible to embrace everything in one post so here it is a little contribution but from the bottom of my heart.

To start the post I wanted with one of my first pastel work that I was inspired by the beauty of the wine fields in countryside of Italy, the motherland of many different types of wine, I believe almost everyone had such moment when enjoying the view and tasting one of the nice Italian wine, therefore:



Soft pastel "Cheers, Bella Italia!" by @stef1




My first acquaintance with Italy


Leonardo Da Vinci who was born in Vinci, in the region of Florence, Italy.

Going back to the roots I can say that first time my acquaintance with Italy was in my childhood, when I heard about the most famous personality who has origin in Italy and who has left a tremendous impact in different fields like Art, Architecture, Engineering, Human Anatomy and invention. While in school we had the Art classes and it is Mona Lisa who made me stun when I saw his work. Except Art, his skills in studying human anatomy had also left an impact on my future career and made me interested in medicine that I decided to dedicate my life. So both of us have two things in common: Art and Human Anatomy


Leonardo Fibonacci from Pisa, Tuscany

Leonardo Fibonacci is very well known to everyone because his name is connected with the basics of Mathematics and starting early math in school, you might also leaned this wonderful sequence of Fibonacci, that sequence you also can find everywhere in nature as Fibonacci spiral or Golden Ration spiral. For those of you who know what Fibonacci sequence is, may find this fact interesting too:

“nobody knows what is the birthday date Fibonachi has, his fans celebrating his birthday on November 23 (mm/dd) the digits in the date form a Fibonacci sequence: 1,1,2,3.”

That is my Drawing of Leonardo Fibonacci that I found in literature, it was no photography that time therefore only a drawing



Soft Pastel “Leonardo Fibonacci “ by @stef1




Gaius Julius Caesar


Of course talking about Italy we can’t miss this famous Man who has conquered almost the whole Europe and North Africa. Gaius Julius Caesar, was a Roman general and statesman who played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. From our history lessons I remember we were told by our teacher that Caesear could simultaneously talk, listen and write. I was very excited about this skill, like my other schoolmates and we also tried our best to be able to develop those skills, although I do not know if this is a truth.

All three famous people are originating from Italy and all of them left such tremendous impact in the history of mankind that simply that makes me to love Italy.



“Veni, vidi, vici” by @Stef1




Venice-my favorite subject for Art


My favorite place in Italy and actually it is only one that I visited so far is Venice. The place with water channels, gondolas, old architecture. The reason why I wanted to visit it because it is a favorite place for many Artists in the past and now, you can see the street Artists doing the beautiful Painting and many people just stop and observe how this beauty is created.

It was the time when I was on internship in Vienna and for Saturday together with other students we decided to take a train over night Friday to Saturday, spend day in Venice and travel back again over night. Unforgettable time, after seeing so many documentary movies and then to be able to see it live.



“The waterways of Venice” by Stef1





Watercolor painting “Gondolas” by @Stef1



Hope you like my Artworks and you also may join this beautiful contest:


Trenner groß.png


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png






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As always great art @stef1, I love Venice too, I went there once, but want to go again when I’m retired:-)

Hi @artmom, thank you for leaving your lovely words, I wanted to encourage you to do a post for this contest if you still have some photos from your trip and of course if you really love Italy like me :)

Oh yes, I have tones of photos, I wanted to have memories from that dream trip. Thank you for the suggestion, I will look into it:-)

Gorgeous painting! We are off to Venice on Friday we hope 🙏🏽

Sorry, forgot to switch the settings :) Thank you @fleur, I hope you will have nice holiday it should not be very crowded these days. Also if you could make nice photos you also can take part in the contest :)

Italy is a fine place @stef1 :D
Lots of beautiful places despite the war in the past. :/

Yes, absolutely agree, likely there is a lot that been saved and restored. We are lucky living this time and been able to enjoy all the beauty :)

 2 months ago 

Хорошая идея, я наверное тоже что-то по Италии сбацаю...)

Спасибо, да, если у тебя тоже ест какие нибут рисунки про Италию, будет здорово если их тоже поместишь в почту :)

His work of art is beautiful, it is natural and its colors reflect that positive harmony, I congratulate you friend, I invite you to my blogs so that you can give me your opinion of my last black pen work that is for the contest of the friend @axeman and has the nswf tag, sria great to have your support greetings and success

Hi @betzaelcorvo, thank you for viewing and your nice words about my Artworks. I will visit your blog too :)

Thank you very much @stefi1 for your beautiful tribute to these great Italian characters. We remind you that you can participate with two posts and that the prize pool has become 50 steem + 15 SBD thanks to the donations received so far.

Thank you very much @italygame there is so much that people love in Italy, that it is difficult to embrace in one post will see if I have some time I will definitely submit another post too :)

Great work, I like it.
Best wishes from @michelangelo3

Thank you @michelangelo3 for visiting my blog and I am pleased you like the paintings. It seems like during last 3 years I have done quite a lot especially for the topics that I love :)

Si vede che c'è amore per l'arte....ma devi venire più spesso in Italia..!
Il tuo post , pr ora lo porto anche sul mio profilo twitter!

Thank you for lovely comment, I even have not noticed how many Artworks I created that were dedicated for Italy. Thank you for sharing the post on twitter :)

From our history lessons I remember we were told by our teacher that Caesear could simultaneously talk, listen and write. I was very excited about this skill, like my other schoolmates and we also tried our best to be able to develop those skills, although I do not know if this is a truth.

In our country there is even such an expression "oh, you are like Caesar!" When they talk about the ability to do several things at the same time. :)

#onepercent #ukraine


@ stef1, it's been a while since I came to Steemit my friend, now I'm back.
I can hardly find old friends here, now I find you again my friend, I hope you still know me well.

Hi @stef1

Your paintings are very nice. You captured things about Italy which are fond in our hearts.


Thank you very much for your nice comment @shortsegments, there are so many sightseeing places in Venice and in Italy in general, one of my favorite topic :)

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