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Hello my dear Steemians,

When recently we were talking with our friends about the favourite movies and series I recalled "Doctor Who", this is a British series that is one of the Sci-Fi series that was created first in 1963 and running till now. I was not really aware about it until I met my hubby who was a fan of it.

Interestingly there are many fans throughout the world and that is the reason why there are so many Seasons and episodes. Often after running for few years some of actors may not continue that is why in this series Doctor on and off he regenerates and comes in other body, so he is immortal and that is why he is called Time-Lord.

I was very pessimistic initially but then like the story maybe the reason was it was a feeling of family, the little circle of main characters and they travel through time and take part in different adventures.

In Wales there is a Museum of "Doctor Who", that is why when we were in Cardiff we visited that place and of course everything reminded us on the series. For children it is one of the exciting moments. Therefore, if you fan of "Doctor Who" and incidentally in Cardiff then do not miss and visit this place.









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 2 years ago 

Hello dear friend @stef1 good afternoon
This is a series that was broadcast worldwide, although it hasn't been televised in this part of the world for a while, they have been for a long time and it was great to see them
Without a doubt it must be beautiful to be able to visit the museum
enjoy the rest of the afternoon

I am glad that you are also familiar with this series,visiting the museum was like traveling in time back into the childhood. I was pleased that my son is also a fan of the series so we all had the same discovery of this amazing place :)

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My wife and I love Doctor Who!

It is good to have something common for the whole family, I still remember how we were watching all together the series with our son when he was about 8-9, of course really enjoyed it :)

I have not seen this series but the museum looks great, very interesting. Thank you for sharing the photos with us, it's like traveling with you. 😀

You are right, even simply visiting the museum is an event, especially our visit was with our little son, who had a lot of fun :)

 2 years ago 

It is a fantastic series that I loved watching it because the protagonist resolved many injustices. It really was very successful. It is incredible to be able to know through you that there is a museum about the movie. It must be fantastic for children and adults to be able to visit it. Thank you very much for sharing. Happy day🌺🌻🙏

I am glad that you also love this series, it is like a family movie, there is always a core team that live the adventure and at the end luckily the good always win :)

Claro resolvía cada caso ja ja, vi pocos capítulos pero si se de personas que les encanta me imagino estar en un sitio donde encuentras algo fascinante de tu mejor serie, muy afortunados, gracias por la información.


T think the good thing about it, people can start watching on any stage because every episode has finished story so people do not need to start from early beginning :)

 2 years ago 

Never seen.

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