CROWDFUNDING: Call for Donation @dianadee' husband

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Hello dear Steemians,


While curating today I noticed a post of @dianadee, she is one of old friends of WOX, who is with us for many years, usually very friendly, cheerful and communicative person. She lives in South Africa.

The post that I saw today broke a bad news about the illness of her husband Pete, who is suffering from Cancer that is in Stage 4 with liver and lung metastasis. Please visit this post to know more about it:



Be compassionate


This is one of the features of character that all of us must have, to be able to feel the feel the sorrow of others, to be able to support them. If someone decided to share such bad news with others and also decided to ask for help then we all should try to do our best to help.

In case of Diana and Pete, hopefully with our attention, warm words and a little bit of financial help we can make their time easier. Hope we will be able to collect with the help of Steemians, who often ready to help when they can.


With this post I would like to invite: @steemcurator01, @cyberrn, @oldstone, @hungry-griffin, maybe many other big accounts.

What you can do:

  • you can send some Steem directly
  • you can Upvote this post, the whole PAYOUT goes to @dianadee


I am going to transfer some Steem later today after the payout of my previous post too.

CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar





Amazing post that brought me to tears @stef1 So appreciate you sharing this terrible burden with us and a call to our friends to help.

You are welcome Diana, there are many people who are around and only we need to ask. You are not alone!

I feel very loved around here. Thanks for initiating the plea for help. You are a star

Thank you for the post @stef1.

Hope this vote will help.

Thanking you for all your good thoughts and support

Thanks for your support in this difficult time🤗🙏

As always, appreciate the whole Steemit Team for this nice gesture. I am glad that it is became a routine here on Steemit to help people. Like people say: any little helps.

 last year (edited)

Appreciate all the generous support and well wishes

 last year 

Congratulations, your post has been upvoted by @scilwa, which is a curating account for @R2cornell's Discord Community. We can also be found on our hive community & peakd as well as on my Discord Server

Manually curated by @abiga554

Felicitaciones, su publication ha sido votado por @scilwa. También puedo ser encontrado en nuestra comunidad de colmena y Peakd así como en mi servidor de discordia

 last year (edited)

Thank you for your support @abiga554 with @scilwa @r2cornell :)

Appreciate all your support🙏👏

Wow this is amazing. Iam in.
If you are also in, less share rewards.

Thank you @acidyo for your support for our dear friend Diana and Pete.

Thanks for upholding our family and support

 last year 

Thank you dear Stef for bringing it to our notice. Happy to help.

Appreciate your kind gesture and help

Thank you Naina for your support and appreciate for the Steem that you transferred to Diana and her husband. That is a good side of this platform that people can organise a call and help each other.

good job i see angel on steemit
that is you

you are welcome sir

This post hits close to home as my father was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. Best of luck to Pete. The world needs more ppl like you @stef1 when everyone else takes, its great to see some people still give.

Thank you for your vote

this initiative is beautiful, in the next post I will try to donate a part!! small gestures can make great gestures together!🙏

Thank you for your gesture 🤗

Hi @hotspotitaly thank you for your contribution, as said every little helps :)

Hello @stef1

representing the Aceh people
hopefully husband from @dianadee
get well soon, it is indeed difficult, but the miracle of Allah SWT, I hope Mr. Pete recovers soon.

get well soon.

@sultan-aceh 🙏

Thank you @sultan-aceh for supporting our initiative :)

Thanks so much for your generous steem and good wishes🙏

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