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Hi everyone, today is a very bad day in my country Turkiye. A devastating earthquake of 7.7 magnitudes hit southeast Turkiye at 4:17 am. The earthquake, which is the epicenter of Kahramanmaraş was felt strongly in 10 provinces around it, and a total of 6217 buildings were destroyed and 2379 people died. 14,483 injuries people were reported. Unfortunately, these horrific numbers are expected to increase. Because there are still too many people trapped in the wreckage.

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About 10 hours later, another 7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred in the same province. There were earthquakes up to 6.5 in Gaziantep, and severe aftershocks occurred in the vicinity. It was reported that the earthquake was declared as Level 4 under the Turkiye Disaster Response Plan, and the Ministry of Foreign called for international assistance in the field of urban search and rescue. A 7-day mourning was declared across the country.

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It is very sad what we see... The screams coming from under the dent, the wail of those who are looking for his family, the buildings that continue to collapse are like hell. It's very sad to look at the photos and videos, I'm attaching a few for you to see the environment.

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A lot of help is needed as the earthquake was both very severe and affected a very large area. Aid trucks from all provinces of our country have started to go to the region. You can find information for donations here.


AHBAP: One of the most active and voluntary networks, active in the affected regions:

AFAD: Turkiye's official disaster and emergency management presidency:

AKUT: Voluntary search, assistance and rescue organization:

I also want to draw the attention of @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @hungry-griffin, my community WOX, @wox-helpfund and my dear friend @stef1

I will also donate all proceeds of this post.

Thank you.


Hi @serap, the whole disaster is enormous and not only the destruction but the fact of so many victims of earthquake. It hurts to see what happened. I will add this post to our Booming Support Program too and re-steem.

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Thank you dear stef1 for your support and for sharing our sorrow, it is so tough times...

Hai @serap

The Acehnese Pray
Hopefully this earthquake disaster will not happen again.
And the people there survived the Earthquake

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Thank you very much, it means a lot

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How terrible what you are going through, my condolences, my small town is full of many of your countrymen friends, we are already collecting clothes in good condition and many things will be sent to the embassies, some friends have lost contact with their relatives, we are attentive, for sure We can collaborate, a lot of strength!


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Thank you very much for your kind words and support. It means a lot to hear that there are people from far away who care and are willing to help. The situation here is tough, we are grateful for the efforts of individuals and organizations that are working to bring relief to those affected by the earthquake. Stay safe and take care, thank you my friend.

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Todavía quedan nobles corazones , seguimos en pie con nuestra ayuda y todas las oraciones para ustedes !

Mucha fuerza 🙏


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Thank you very much for this precious support dear @stef1

Hi @serap, I thought that with such post we might get more people donating. I set up my post to you the payout and encouraged others if they do posts, it would be easy for you to send donation to appropriate organisation.

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Thank you very much for your thoughtful message and for your efforts in raising awareness about the devastating earthquake in our country. Your initiative to set up a steemit campaign for collecting donations is truly unique and meaningful.

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