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RE: STEEM AUTO OWNED BY XPILAR, We give you a brand new Steem-Auto

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There is a problem with this new autovoter. Since yesterday my account has been upvoting several accounts that I never knew they existed. So, I have benn cancelling these upvotes and I have been giving downvotes to them and warning them. By "coincidence", all these accounts were posting in contests held by @xpilar and all these accounts jumped from a $1 payout to a near $30 payout. Now I noticed that your account is also in that list.
The posts, until now, are by the following accounts:

The following accounts received my "upvotes"/downvotes but they are not related to @xpilar:

Someone is using steem auto to make these upvotes. Please check what is happening!



I've had a big fight with @steem-supporter today after what happened. I was shocked and cursed when I saw all the voices coming in. The new Steem-Auto has nothing to do with this.
I just have to apologize to everyone involved who got their votes abused. These votes came from a massive trail

Our fight today ended with the old steem auto now completely shut down.

Anyway Please remove posting authority from, steem-supporter seems to be distributing votes which is wrong, please go to and revoke

But remember all those accounts that voted has authorized not only but also bust, the old steemauto and other apps as well "Until you revoke all apps that you do not use anymore, then bad things can happen so please revoke all accounts "

Please remove posting authority from , please goto

Hi @ronaldoavelino and @xpilar, My account also did the same votes. I was really surprised. And I really hope that this can be solved.